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Andreas Cord-Landwehr , Germany
TaskList plugin for KDevelop

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Mar 24 2011
Afaik KOrganizer saves all its TODOs as events. But for more information I suggest the KDEPIM-mailing-list. Judging from some recent blogs ( it also should no be that hard to write a backend for Akonadi. At least using Akonadi avoids all kinds of trouble that relates to synchronization.


PS: Just heard from one of the ChiliProject guys (fork of Redmine): he suggests to use the REST-API for such a backend... - Mar 25 2011
Did you think about integration with Akonadi/KDEPIM? It would be great if I would have a Readmine-Akonadi-Ressource that takes care both for KOrganizer and my TODOs as well as at KDevelop for specific TODOs at my projects. IMHO that would allow a lot of overhead for synchronization etc. that Akonadi solves already in a very smooth way. - Mar 25 2011