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Colin Keenan Kansas City, United States of America

Plasma Window Decorations by andreyorst 42 comments

I just found this theme and love the dark variant. I use it with my own customized theme colors. I want to give this 5 stars, but can't figure out how to rate it. I installed using System Settings Add-On Installer and although everything is rated, I don't see an option for me to rate anything. I don't see that option on this web page either. How are people rating KDE Store products? - Aug 12 2017

Cursors by KuduK 53 comments

What do the two different kinds of rotation signify? They both seem to have something to do with an application is busy, but why does the whole mouse cursor rotate sometimes, but other times only the inner grey legs rotate? - May 16 2013

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by zwietel

9   Dec 26 2015
9   Dec 26 2015