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Steve Starr Wilkes Barre, United States of America
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Jan 17 2013
Your missing the xorg-dev files - Oct 10 2006

Screen Recorders 90 comments

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Sep 15 2006
libaudio (nas-1.7)
gsm 1.0

These are the libs i discovered i needed.
im working on glibc2.4 now - Jul 03 2006
Flash Editor

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Jun 07 2006
make install - Jun 07 2006
Kbfx Mockup ALPHA 0.1

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

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Dec 23 2005
I agree with awakatanka if we make things that look like windows or Mac that is a good thing!! - Jan 04 2006
Fall is Coming

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Nov 09 2005
I agree with everyone else the copyright notice is a bit much you could have just placed a small watermark on your pic and people would have gotten the point. - Sep 20 2005
Linux is here...

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

by sone
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Sep 24 2005
What i would have done
1. centered the fish.
2. Left the Text Linux is Here blurry and made the fish bones not blured and sharper.

:) - Sep 17 2005
RedWolf WebDeveloper Studio

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Aug 23 2005
This is just a progress report of what i have eather fixed or broken :).

Um that last little bug when you typed in the editor before you eather opend or created a new project has been fixed.

Redwolf WebStudio has undergone some ide
design changes.

You will now be able to resize or fullscreen the editer and everything else resizes with it.

There is a bunch of new menu functions youl see later when i update this page.

The developer of waterworks joined with me.
Waterworks is COOL what you do is design
the layout of your site all graphice buttons etc etc and you use the vertical and horizontil guide lines in inkscape to set were you want your graphics cut and then save the svg file and export a png file and load the svg and png file into waterworks wich is being intagrated in redwolf and select a dir to save to now you just hit the exacute button and your inkscape templet is slice and diced and out come a hole dir of png or jpeg and a index.html file when you view the html file you have your whole site lade out in valid xhtml :) then you just load all that up in redwolf and start adding content.

Note:We dont need no stinking WYSIWYG html editor we have INKSCAPE!!!!

Ahh and one more thing dont go looking for the update up there because i need a couple more days to well write tutorials and docs.

The next version will be 0.0.5

till then - Aug 24 2005
sequitur i would of liked to help with quanta but i have very little programming knoledge this project was to help me learn.

I never sent you an email about why i didnt like quanta but ill tell you why now to me quanta just doesnt feel right in useability althou i like quanta more than nvu or any of the other html editros i felt that i needed to contribute to the community more.
So i figured why not create an html editor.

Now Quanta and RedWolfWEbDev share something special well actualy the only differantces are the gui and features quanta i do bleave can show flash my editor cant at the momemt do to no flash plugin intergration in gambas yet.

Plus as our projects progress you will see that we are on very differant paths your developing a pro web dev tool i am developing a learning tool.

Thanks for the comments and i hope quanta crushes macromedia fully someday.

:) - Aug 23 2005
I have Web Menus on the list :) - Aug 23 2005
Umm i have no idea why that got posted 3 times anyway in the tests that i have been doing in the area of a wysiwyg designer i am about 50% farther than quanta.
In this first stage.
There is only 3 basic features that i am missing due to the current status of gambas2 once the syntax highlighting and line numbering components are compleated
ill be able to implament them features also about 90% of my editor isnt even put together i posted it now so i can be sure that the whole layout and basic functions are on the right track.
And i mean basic. - Aug 23 2005
Yes i know of but i dont like quanta so i started building my own.

- Aug 23 2005
Yes i know of but i dont like quanta so i started building my own.

- Aug 23 2005
Yes i know of but i dont like quanta so i started building my own.

- Aug 23 2005
Po├žo Encantado

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Jul 26 2005
¡Trabajo muy agradable ! - Jul 29 2005

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Jul 28 2005
Nice work. - Jul 29 2005
Linux MultiMedia Studio

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Nov 21 2007
Thank you for building this lmms i am looking forward to more updates and features.

As it stands now lmms is the easyst to use and simple best music appt for Gnu/Linux. - Jul 22 2005
suggestion: animated smileys

Emoticons 15 comments

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Apr 22 2005
I am compileing kdenetwork 3.4 right now. - Apr 23 2005
woops i see you allready animated them :) - Apr 22 2005
I could easy animate those useing inkscape swftools and svg2swf but as far as getting them into kopete ahh i wish i had that skill ming support would rule. - Apr 22 2005
Wacom Tablet Underlay

Various Stuff 4 comments

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Nov 17 2004
No worry just did that to shut someone up.
I plan on posting a lot more stuff i did and not stuff i found or at the request of another.
Just thought that kde-look and wacom go hand in hand but every time i post anything i get flak so as the old saying goes if ya don't have anything nice to say then don't say any F*&^ing thing at all:)
Just jokeing. - Nov 18 2004
There you go all fixed. - Nov 17 2004
The Debian Way

Wallpapers Debian 3 comments

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Sep 16 2004
:) You should send that to microsoft.
Nice editing.
Lokks like some good Sh**. - Sep 15 2004

Various Artwork 19 comments

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Sep 12 2004
GREAT Job!!!!!!
You got skills keep it up by the way did you use sodipodi or inkscape to make these? - Sep 12 2004

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Sep 11 2004
I don't like Adobe Photoshop.
Gimp Inkscape or SodiPodi are really good tools best i think for makeing icons.
But if i wasn't able to use those three i would use Corel Graphics Suite 10.:) - Sep 11 2004