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Josh Berry

Kopete Styles by kanutron 85 comments

I see a few other people have commented on the "link" issue, so for the technically-inclined, here's how to remove that feature:

Install kONE in Kopete
Open the ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/styles directory
The kONE style is in (predictably) "kONE".
Edit Contents/Resources/main.css
Search for the word "link"
In the ".message a" section, delete the "content: 'link;'" entry.
Save the file and restart Kopete - Apr 16 2009

Kopete Styles by kanutron 85 comments

I really like this style overall. It's very clean, well laid-out and generally blends well with whatever my desktop settings might be. It's also (mostly) copy-paste friendly, which is a huge plus. (I really hate having to reformat my chat logs when copying them.)

But I have one minor nit, and one major gripe.

The minor nit:

Links are displayed using a different font size, which breaks the flow of text. It's visually jarring.

The major gripe:

Quote:Link URLs are replaced with the word "link" preventing the break of the chat flow. (There is a known bug with this feature...)

IMO this is a really bad idea -- you should never obscure URLs coming from potentially random people; how do you know if you want to click on it or not?

It also replaces ALL link text with the word "link"... even things that Kopete mis-detects as links (e.g. "ssh"), or links sent with a specific text (e.g. "Check out my <a href='...'>YouTube video</a>."), when that is clearly not what the sender intended.

It also messes up copy/paste (e.g. if you want to forward the link on to someone else, paste the ssh command into your terminal, etc.).

Yes, it makes things tidier. But anyone who uses a chat client is likely to understand what a URL is, and what it means, and the tidiness brings with it some serious usability issues.

Please reconsider this feature, and thanks again for making this style. - Apr 16 2009

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

Nevermind... I was misreading xrestop. Ignore what I said before. ;) Sorry about that. - Mar 12 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments


I love the Polyester windeco, but I've noticed that it seems to leak pixmaps in the X server. I was running Polyester yesterday, and after a while xrestop showed that kwin was using roughly 300MB worth of pixmaps.

So I restarted kwin using a different windeco theme, and I have not been able to reproduce the leak. This leads me to believe it's something specific to Polyester.

Perhaps you could take a look? Thanks!

-- Des - Mar 07 2007

KDE 3.5 Themes by Maxilys 251 comments

I agree that hardcoded colors are bad.

However, I think in Konversation's case, not having them at all is even worse, because they convey useful information that wouldn't otherwise be conveyed. So yeah, a checkbox or some other option to turn them back on would be nice.

KDE4 just needs a better color theming system. ;) (And as far as I've heard, it'll get it.) - Aug 18 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by Maxilys 251 comments

I love this theme.

However, I found one minor bug with it. The text on the tabs in Konversation doesn't change color properly when there are new messages in the channel. Konversation is supposed to turn the tab blue or red, but it stays black.

This works in all standard KDE themes, but not Serenity for some reason.

Also, would it be possible to make highlights (e.g. when hovering over a button) fade in and out? I think that would make this theme that much cooler!

Thanks! - Aug 15 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by mart 395 comments

I'm also having this problem (colored tabs in Konversation aren't colored) with 0.9.2. It would be great if this could be fixed for the next release.


-- Des - Jun 14 2006
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

0.5 Looks great ... thanks for the update.

My scrollbars look like they're offset by 1 pixel to the right using the Plastik theme, however. Screenshot is at .

Just thought you'd like to know. Thanks again. - Aug 18 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

0.4b is nice ... although I have one toolbar-related bug to report; the buttons on my bookmarks toolbar in Konqueror are squished, and some are missing (or somehow hidden):

There are supposed to be 8 folder buttons, not 4, and I can't really see their names. - Jul 11 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes by thomas12777 1262 comments

I had issues compiling 4.0a with gcc 3.3.3, so I cooked up a patch:

The patch is a bit ugly, but it seems to work for me. Apply as follows:

# cd baghira-0.4a
# patch -p1 < baghira-0.4a-compile.patch

Moral of the story: anonymous namespaces + gcc>=3.3.2 + QObject == bad fu. :) - Jul 11 2004