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W. Conrad Berlin, Germany

Audio Apps by mussgill 21 comments

Makes sense.
Darn things depends on this darn microsoft MT-Protocol.

I installed the libmtp but evidently kzenexplorer doesen't know how to deal with it.

I even tried a windows machine to get at least some music on the thing. No avail. It requires XP. All as had around the house was win2k. I could get it to work with a few workarounds so I can at least get my music on the darn device.

In the future I'll keep my hands offa Creative products cause they play right along with MS aaand really augment this license and dependency crap.

This darn thing could just be a removable device.

All this hassle we are going through is just for the profit of certain companies.

Enough. Let's fight it through.

The libmtp people mentioned applications that deal with their libs.

Coney - Aug 09 2006

Audio Apps by mussgill 21 comments

I suppose it refers to the device and was taken from the 'nomad jukebox'.

So my hardware cannot be found.

Brings up new questions:
- Is the MicroPhoto supported?
- If not does anyone know it the firmware for the micro fixes the problem (who needs the photo feature?)

Coney - Aug 06 2006

Audio Apps by mussgill 21 comments

Installed KZenExplorer on a SuSE 10.1 to scoop some mp3s over to my newly aquired Creative Zen MicroPhoto.


KZenExplorer starts saying:
"Could not find any jukeboxes!" and dies.

What's a 'jukebox'?
An application like amaroK or does the expression refer to the hardware, the Zen MicroPhoto?

The system finds the Zen MicroPhoto an digikam can even read the information and display the photos on the device.

Is there as Howto available?

Coney - Aug 06 2006