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Conrad Hoffmann , Germany
Plasma 4 Extensions
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Server Status Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions 75 comments

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Mar 08 2011
I have no problems in 4.7.4. Maybe you need to recompile and reinstall? What checks are you using? - Oct 23 2011

I uploaded a new version that should compile on KDE 4.4 and below. The layout engine might misbehave in some situations when resizing the widget, but since that should not happen very often, you will most likely be content the way it is :)
- Mar 08 2011
Mmh, strange. Can you tell me what version of Qt and KDE you are using? - Mar 07 2011
Thanks for your suggestions, I hope you enjoy the new version! - Mar 06 2011
Done :)

I think it mainly needs more documentation, which is my next task. Thanks for the suggestion! - Mar 06 2011
Awesome, merci beaucoup :)

It came just in time for the next version! This unfortunately means it is now missing a few lines, but i think that's not really a problem. - Mar 06 2011
That are some good ideas, thank you. Especially logging should be easy to implement. Number four has been mentioned before, so I will look into that to, and per server notifications is on the stack anyways. I don't get number 3 though. What's the difference between the two? And also, ping -i never returns, so you can't check the return value, which is what I currently do. Maybe you can elaborate? Anyways, thanks for the feedback and stay tuned for future releases :) - Feb 11 2011
Thanks a lot! I am linking these in the downloads, let me know if you have objections. - Jan 04 2011

thanks for the suggestion, I never heard of Monit before and I will look at it for some ideas.

From what I can tell by a quick look at the manual it does many things similar to the widget though. Especially SSH connections can easily be tested already by setting the check type to "Socket connection" and the port to 22. Same goes for Apache and port 80, although the service info might offer more details of course. - Dec 14 2009
It's not meant for the panel, but as a desktop plasmoid. That is a pretty good idea, though. I will think of way to integrate that. How do you think it should look, if put into the panel? Only one Icon, which indicates if any one of the servers is down? - Dec 12 2009
Thanks, fixed it (and actually another issue too. always use brain before uploading stuff :) ) - Dec 12 2009
I was a little quick uploading.
I uploaded a new version without increasing the version number which fixes the build errors. That includes a fix in CMakeLists.txt for proper linking and a check for the KDE version (I used a KNotification function added in 4.3, but now 4.2 should work as well).

Sorry for any inconvenience... - Dec 12 2009
which one shows the warning? one with port number or the one without? also, does it show warning or error? because warning usually means something went wrong locally (maybe wrong/invalid hostname, or s/t like that). - Apr 03 2009
Kopete DeskList Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 118 comments

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May 05 2006
sorry, link is 404. feel free to send the entire compilation output to conrausch at gmx de - Jul 09 2006
thanks for the vote.

Did you try setting the photo height to 20, padding and spacing to 0 and check the option "Put all details in one row.." and set it to 1 or more contacts ( = always). you then have it as small as it gets, and it could not be any smaller, as the contact icons (icq flower, etc) are that big. i can easily get 50 contacts displayed like that, although i do have a rather high display resolution. but 20 should not be a preblem. but, i take it, you would like an option to not display contact photos, right? - May 08 2006
hi. can you tell me if you removed a contact or a meta contact?
thanks! - Apr 21 2006
are you using the latest version?
i am running kopete svn, which is roughly the same as 0.12b, and i don't have any problems... - Apr 19 2006
it might, i am not sure. depends on if there will be another release before KDE4, i guess. I might have to put in kdeaddons or extragear first though... - Apr 15 2006
would it be ok for you if i add a link to your rpm to download list? that way people can find it immediately, even once your comment is not on the first page anymore. - Apr 15 2006
i'm not sure. do you have all -dev packages installed? (kde, qt) - Apr 14 2006
i do not have much experience with rpm based distros, but maybe you need to install libxss-dev or something like that?
then again, i don't see why it pulls in libxss to begin with. it might be my fault (broken configure/makefile), but it might also be a kde/qt thing.
other than that i have no hint for you, but i hope you get it to work. - Apr 12 2006
that surely shoudn't happen, and it seems strange. I will try to reproduce, but could you please tamper with your focus stealing prevention settings in the "windows" configuration (advanced tab)? i think they might be involved... thanks for the report! - Apr 11 2006
i think your problem might be related to binary incompatibilty regarding the SLOTs/SIGNALs. Can you tell me which versions of KDE/Kopete are involved here?
also, if you have the chance to do so, could you test against either one of 0.12 beta releases or current 0.12 SVN?
many thanks, conrausch - Apr 11 2006
does 0.2.1 work for you? - Apr 11 2006
actually, the 0.2.1 version should also compile fine with gcc 4.x.
checked it with 4.1.0 - Apr 11 2006
it's not a program. it's a plugin for kopete. in kopete, go to "Settings->Configure Plugins" and enable the "DeskList" plugin. - Dec 02 2005
Do you have KDE3.4 or later? if not, you need to update your Kopete version, because Kopete didn't install headers before that. Also did you use the right prefix for ./configure? what does "kde-config --prefix" say?
try "find /usr -name kopetemetacontact.h" to make sure you have Kopete headers installed, and where they are. if you find them, you passed the wrong prefix or something else messes up the includes. - Dec 02 2005
Kopete chat window suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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May 21 2005
sounds silly, but this is the first time i read this, and completely unrelatedly, i hacked some stuff togther not too long ago, which you may find interesting. see

there is still much discussion about the chatwindow for KDE4, though. - Dec 01 2005