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Dec 22 2014
Hi Dayu, I'm glad to hear it's working. On the first post, I pointed to what was strictly necessary to get what you wanted. Then I pointed to c2bConfigure to set there the new functionality, thus to make it visible to users. Sorry! I got confused. You're right. Modification must be in c2bCiteIDLineEdit (so then shows up at the configure dialog, etc). Sorry, my focus was on the first step at that time.

I'll be very happy, too, to include your modifications. You can send them at the email you'll see on the headers of the files.


Pere - Jul 09 2009
You only need to modify this file. It will go on all platforms. - Jun 30 2009
Hi, regarding the question, to set non predefined CiteID patterns, you'll need to modify the class citeIDMaker at src/c2b. You'll need to create a tag, eg, author_all_initials, and then a member function that does the transformation you want, eg, makeCiteID_author_all_initials. This is enough. Once this is done, the tag can be set to c2bConfigure to make other users aware.

That answered, I'd like to note, as you already point out, that's important avoiding repeated entries, as something different from, 'correct latter'. Once an ID went to one/several of your latex writings... it's if not hard to consistently rename. Thus, cb2bib default is 'Last09p13', which includes the page number, and avoids repetition in series of papers like 'Something: Part I', etc, written by the same authors.

I'll be very happy to merge this changes back to the cb2bib if you want to. - Jun 30 2009

That's the qmake's version number, which does not follow the library version numbering. On mandriva 2007 your qmake is at /usr/lib/qt4/bin/qmake. You will need the packages:
libqtcore4, libqtgui4, libqtnetwork4, libqt4-devel, libqtuitools4

The defaults for mandriva 2007 are Qt 4.1. Please, make sure to get 4.2 or later from somewhere, perhaps here:

Otherwise, cb2bib won't compile (I've tried to provide a binary for this distro. Unfortunately the buildservice has only default packages and I'm having this Qt 4.1/4.2 issue).


- Sep 21 2007

Hi, the config script is taking Qt3 instead of Qt4. It can help using the flag
--qmakepath to where your qmake (Qt 4.1 or later) is located; or, perhaps typing 'unsetenv QTDIR' before configuring (the former choice is the safest). In either case, delete this directory (files get corrupted for some reason after qmake qt3 had run) and untar again the cb2bib's tarball. :-)
Using QTDIR environment variable for Qt directory location.
Checking for Qt tools at /usr/lib/qt3/...
Checking for qmake tool... using /usr/lib/qt3//bin/qmake. - Sep 09 2007
Arne, thank you for let me know about the openSUSE build service. I got packages for SuSE and RedHat. Ubuntu and Debian will need to wait. There is the issue of (the lack of) Qt4 on the default packages available. As far as I read, updated, non SuSE distros will be available soon.

So thanks, and also thanks to the comunity behind openSUSE build service that gave me the permission to use their resources. - May 07 2007
Manuel, thank you for your replay.

The default path changed to /usr/bin some time ago. I checked this now (I did a cleanup in the settings stuff in 0.8.1 and some bug could be there) and, by default, it should still be pointing to /usr/bin ...

Regarding the error message, I just learned that qmake does strip all executable files when writing the Makefile. I saw a post at the Qt mailing list, though it wasn't there any workaround to deal with attached scripts.

Anyway, hope now works smmooth :-)


Pere - Apr 03 2007
Thank you for let me know, this message didn't catch my attention. The command 'make install' doesn't return any error code, which is what my packaging script checks. In any case, and in spite of this message, installation goes well (all files are properly copied).

On version 0.7.2 it was introduced the 'download to reference manager' functionality. For convenience, the shell script dl_cb2bib was included. This was done to avoid conflicts with the config file cb2bib.desktop on KDE, which opens *.bib files.

When installing, make does 'strip dl_cb2bib', and hence we get 'File format not recognized. Error 1 (ignored)'. This seems to be *normal* for shell scripts. I'm a bit puzzled regarding when this started. Version 0.7.2 already had dl_cb2bib. Make files are done by qmake. Qt requirements hasn't changed since then, though this could come from newer Qt versions.

I'll try to figure out how to avoid this message. For the moment, just ignore it. Installation should be fine. Let me know if it's not. - Apr 03 2007
Arne, I wasn't aware of this service. I looked at it and it seems a pretty good way to get the binaries for several distros/versions. I'll try to get an account there, and hopefully, next releases will have several binaries to chose from. Thanks. - Apr 01 2007
1) Try typing prl at the journal box, press enter; you'll get Phys. Rev. Lett. written for you. Also, type praamop, to get Phys. Rev. A: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. So your journals are there... Should you prefer an incomplete abbreviation, feel free to modify the abbreviation file accordingly.

2) Network stuff might be tricked when retrieving of files is complicated by redirections or cookies. I'd suggest you to use kfmclient in these cases. See config panel. Make sure you don't have temporary files left in your home dir. This files are left there if so requested, to help you to write and debug your personalized netqinf file. Just at random, I tried prl, intro, set pages=1 and volume=10, and click net button. My browser show up with this page: cb2Bib 0.6.0 includes a contributed regexp for PROLA. I could now easily extract the reference, and attach the pdf file to it, just dragging and dropping to cb2Bib. Feel free to modify and improve this regexps if you wish. NCBI is good for JCP and others. Crossref will work for many more, provided they have a DOI.

3) Go through the examples given at the netqinfo file. Try to understand them. Its syntax is pretty simple. It was designed having in mind that there is not definite database for scientific references. Insted, there is a huge number of different sites but just usefull for a very limitted number of journals. cb2Bib goals are to provide a frame or infrastructure to overcome this. I'd suggest to put sometime of yourself on it. I'm pretty sure it will pay off.

4) Just click connect/disconnect button if you need internal copying. cb2Bib is designed to minimize the number of steps needed for extracting a reference. In most of the cases this means to have it aware of clipboard changes. - Apr 05 2006
Thank you again for your suggestions and indications. I use Tellico a lot, it's an excellent piece of software. Also in my opinion it can be a better place to include network and database retrieving, because it is and it is intended to be a database browser. However, after cb2bib having that pdftotext functionality, I started really thinking about your suggestions. Extracting from PDFs automatically is challenging. But just a partial extraction + checking the network to look for the missing fields, this is doable. I think that such a feature of checking/completion can be very usefull and within the philosophy of cb2bib. - Dec 12 2004
Thank you for all this information. I will think about integrating this as soon as I have some time, after improving somehow the usability of the regexps. Thanks again for your message and suggestions. - Sep 27 2004
I wasn't aware about these databases. I'll look at them and try to figure out how to integrate this functionality into cb2bib. One point here however is that cb2bib is not in principle intended for batch retrieving/translation of references. E.g. many tools and reference managers can import ISI references to BibTeX. But I thing that a tool helping to import a single reference from a sort of unstandardized source was missing. - Sep 21 2004
Thank you for your comments. They are really kind. While writing your thesis, try to send me a line if you find any bug. :-) Knowing about them is an invaluable help. - Sep 09 2004
I'm glad to hear it's working. Thank you for your comments. - Jul 12 2004
Could you try 'make clean; qmake; make' from src/ ?

From your listing, I miss the command

uic cb2bibbase.ui -o cb2bibbase.h

It seems like cb2bibbase.h is not properly created. Also, the source of the problem shouldn't be Qt version 3.2, because I did try what I pointed before. - Jul 12 2004
Qt 3.2.3 is fine to compile cb2Bib. I used designer 3.3 to write the *.ui files. This places 'UI version="3.3"' on all .ui files. The easiest way for you to compile the program would be to edit the *.ui files in src/ and set 'UI version="3.2"'. - Jul 11 2004