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Ethan Coon

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the problem is inconsistent checking in screenlet. In 0.1.2 (Ubuntu's screenlet) all screenlet names must end with Screenlet, but this one's doesn't. Normally, that should break or error intelligently, but it doesn't... most places it just works, but in reading the config files it fails silently.

To fix this, just change line 35 of from:

__name__ = 'InfoPanel'


__name__ = 'InfoPanelScreenlet'

and the attributes you specify will become persistent.

- Sep 02 2010
Folderview Screenlet

Conky by Whise 163 comments

heh, ok, so I missed the fact that you are both screenlets and FolderView developer...

I'm not sure if you're maintaining either project or just left screenlets. At any rate, many of the persistence bugs are fixed by adding "Screenlet" to the __NAME__ attribute in the file. This is easily done by users and developer alike :)

**Avoids all politics of screenlets fork** - Sep 02 2010
Folderview Screenlet

Conky by Whise 163 comments

screenlets-0.1.2 requires that the __NAME__ attribute end with "Screenlet", i.e. it should be FolderViewScreenlet, not just FolderView. (See their developers documentation, it is stated there.)

The thing is, the screenlet code looks very inconsistent... all over the place the code uses __name__[:-9] to strip the Screenlet, and sometimes it checks using endswith("Screenlet") and sometimes it doesn't. So nearly everything works, but the init stuff isn't reading the FolderView1.ini file, instead looking for:


as it has stripped the last 9 chars from __name__. Note that it gets the file correct when WRITING the data, just not when reading it to instantiate a new screenlet object.

I'd call this a bug in screenlets for not checking, and not breaking consistently (classic problem of errors failing silently when not explicitly silenced) but it's also your problem since they don't seem to be supporting that code anymore (but I like your screenlet!) - Sep 02 2010