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Vicor Corpus
CorpusPlayer (without Netjuke support)

Karamba & Superkaramba by corpus2004 7 comments

When you get a blank theme, check the following:

- check to see whether xmmmsctrl is installed (should be version 1.8!)

- Have you got the python module 'pyxmms' installed. The installation files are included in this theme package as do some of the fonts used.

Install the packages as described in their corresponding docs.

The pyxmms module must be installed in order for this theme to work.

If this doesn't help you, you might send me the portion of an error log file that corresponds to this theme.
In the log file you should be able to see what's holding the theme from displaying its GUI. - Jan 02 2005
CorpusPlayer (without Netjuke support)

Karamba & Superkaramba by corpus2004 7 comments

This has probably to do with the encoding used to display the tags.

Right now I'm rewriting this theme to solve some problems like the one you mentioned and clean up a lot of unnecessary code.

I'll look into it and post the changes as soon as I have figured it out. - Dec 06 2004
CorpusPlayer (without Netjuke support)

Karamba & Superkaramba by corpus2004 7 comments

Does anyone have a problem importing the PyID3 module? It worked perfectly but after reinstalling the same version it does not seem to be working anymore.

Thanks in advance! - Dec 05 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by ageitgey 326 comments

First of all. Thanks for this supurb application. Without much effort it made me start writing python and now make some pretty nifty tools integrated into my desktop. All thanks to Python and super-karamba. Soon I'll upload some stuff. First got to tidy up a bit.


After updating from 0.33-r1 to 0.34, the ALIGN function seemed to be lost. I thought that I might have messed up somewhere, but then when I re-emerged(Gentoo) version 0.33-r1 after removing 0.4, all my Alignments got screwed up again. (back to what they originally were meant to be)

Not really an issue here, really. I suppose it's not a bug since I'm the only one complaining about it. But maybe anyone might have any idea why this happens after upgrading superkaramba (or at all)?

Thanks in advance,

Victor - Oct 23 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by krasimir 16 comments

Resizing is certainly possible by changing some of the string ranges set in de

The ranges in the script are set as H=46 and W=25

Look for these ranges and change them into the ranges you would like to have. I've set them to 66 and 40 respectively, and now most of the lyrics are shown the way I want them to.

Be sure to change the background image to transparent or create your own with the new ranges you've set in the script.

It's basically very straightforward once you start playing around with the script itself. Python is fairly new to me but I'm getting the hang of it by trail & error. The only way to learn and understand.

Good luck.

Victor. - Sep 06 2004