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KDE 3.x Window Decorations
XMMS Skins

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 6 comments

by motyR
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Sep 07 2004
Man, that's soooo 90s! Big, violent, eye-catching windecs just aren't hip any longer, these days it's about slickness, functionality and customizability.

Sorry, but...

- Simon - Sep 07 2004
New home to Home

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

by zammi
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Aug 02 2004
I think this looks really good. It looks a bit like what Longhorn does.

Implementing it shouldn't be harder than implementing the Mac OS X-style menubars and making "a few" changes to KWin and to each decoration. Of course it would only work in KDE applications...

It would be perfectly possible to retain full compatibility with NetWM, there would just be extra features.

- Simon - Aug 02 2004

Various Stuff 9 comments

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Jun 09 2004
Has this got something even remotely to do with KDE?

- Simon - Jun 09 2004

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 33 comments

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Mar 08 2004
Delete Autom4te.cache from the source dir.

- Simon - Apr 08 2004
Hard to tell...
Your build environment is obviously mad. In Gentoo, this usually means invalid/bad CFLAGS. I have no idea how Fedora configures its build environment, so I can't help you here.

Try reinstalling the development packages for your system (gcc, asm, etc).

- Simon - Mar 23 2004
Heh, yeah, so would I. ;-)
But I have no idea how to make that, I guess you need to use the X extension directly?

Maybe I'll take a look at Bluecurve or Plastik to see how they did it, and if it doesn't require too much restructuring I'll implement it. Or someone who actually knows how to do it could, it's GPL :-)

- Simon - Mar 09 2004
Enjoy... :-)

- Simon - Mar 08 2004
Hi, I just wanted to let you know:
I'm almost done with the complete rewrite, and here are some of the new stuff that will be available:

- Configurable title size
- Configurable shadow distance
- Configurable button spacing

It'll be ready tomorrow, right now I need some sleep. :-)

- Simon - Mar 07 2004
Whoops, I'll fix that right away...

- Simon - Mar 07 2004
Yeah, I get your point. However, the structure of the original Alloy is very strict regarding sizes and so on, so the whole source has to be refactored and rewritten if such a feature was to be implemented.

On my screen, the titlebars weren't that thick because I'm running 1600x1200 (in which large titlebars are a blessing if you want to hit them with the cursor).

But I've planned a total rewrite one of these days, and I will of course make this configurable at that time.

- Simon - Mar 07 2004
It seems that some people have trouble compiling on certain systems. The windec was written/tested on my configuration, which is the following:

KDE 3.2
Qt 3.3.1
GCC 3.3.3
GLIBC 2.3.3
Gentoo Linux

I don't know much about those kinds of errors, so I hope someone else can give advice.

The Qt 3.2/3.3 incompatibility should, however, not be an issue, as the UI-file is taken directly from the original Alloy theme (it's for the configuration KCM). The solution is to either upgrade Qt (recommendable) or copy the .ui-file from the Alloy package. YMMV.

Of course, I hope you get it working - if I'm not answering here, feel free to mail me.

- Simon - Mar 06 2004
Micromon (superkaramba)

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

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Nov 03 2003
Looks good!
I created Minimon - worth mentioning, however, is that Minimon derived from TMon originally... :-)

Great work.

- Simon - Nov 03 2003

XMMS Skins 18 comments

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Sep 19 2003
I'm afraid a systray app would require a complete rewrite and a lot of restructuring. I don't think that can be made without writing a whole new application.

If you want to write your own, I will gladly help. Really, programming against XMMS is really easy.

- Simon - Sep 20 2003
Phew... 3 releases in 4 hours... ;-D

- Simon - Sep 19 2003
Searching a bit, I found that the jump-to functionality is actually added to the header file by a Gentoo-specific patch.

You can add the following line to your /usr/include/xmms/xmmsctrl.h to make it work...

void xmms_remote_show_jump_box(gint session);

You can also download the whole header file here:

I don't think it is possible to hide XMMS completely (i.e. from the taskbar), not without fiddling with KWin (I think), and I would say that is overkill... Besides, it would be kinda bugger if my applet crashed while XMMS was totally hidden (at least for users uknowing of killall...).

About size, you are right, it does need some space if your Kicker is large (or even Normal size), but for those of us running small or tiny Kickers, it is quite nice (IMHO ;-D). A grid is not a bad idea, however...

- Simon - Sep 19 2003
Seems there is a problem with your /usr/include/xmms/xmmsctrl.h file - It might be an older version shipping with RH9.
I'll post a link for a working version in the description.

- Simon - Sep 19 2003
I made a new release with the features you requested... Please test for bugs...

Programming is fun! :-D

- Simon - Sep 19 2003
Thanks for your compliments... I'm glad you like it!

I think the next step would be to implement some kind of config... I figure KConfig is the way to go, maybe I'll start working on that tonight.

The reason I chose not to make it only a single button is that I might as well have made a systray icon in stead of an applet. But, well, of course it shouldn't be hard to implement... ;-)

- Simon - Sep 19 2003
That's strange...
Could you give me some compiler output? - Sep 19 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

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Aug 26 2003
I don't know on Mandrake (I use Gentoo), but I ran sensors-detect (from the lm_sensors package) which configured just about everything for me. I had to answer some questions, and add the service lm_sensors to the default runtime (don't ask me how to do this as it is done differently on every distro :-).

When everything is loaded correctly, you should see some entries in /proc/sys/dev/sensors with all the information.

- Simon - Aug 28 2003
You have to have the lm_sensors package installed (unless your chip is supported by the built-in i2c sensor support in your kernel) and the appropriate module loaded (there is a utility included in lm_sensors to determine which module fits your motherboard). You might also need to switch between the sensors. On my motherboard, the temp1 sensor is the CPU temperature, but yours might be different.

- Simon - Aug 26 2003
kde smooth colors

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 3 comments

by bdtje
Score 50.0%
Jul 08 2003
that is just about the ugliest thing I have seen in a long time...
How did you come up with those colours? Reminds me of the default background colour of Windows 95 (*shiver*).

I don't mean to be harsh or rude or anything, but I surely wouldn't use that for anything... - Jul 08 2003