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Plasma 5 Applets

Plasma 5 Applets 39 comments

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May 26 2018
That will be interesting, indeed. I'm not sure if and when I'll have the time to explore that possibility though :/ - Apr 19 2019
I'm sorry, but that is not the widget fault, but the way the widgets works in KDE. You'll have the same issue with *every* widget/plasmoid.
The solution to your problem is to long click on it, or long hover it when the graphical components are unlocked. A column at the right should appear with the resize, rotate, remove, and configure options.
Enjoy ! :) - Apr 30 2018
I'm not sure I understand you : You can go to the website by right clicking in the webpage, and selecting "Open in default browser". In icon mode, it doesn't open in the browser, it only opens a popup with the webpage. - Apr 02 2018
It was a looonnng asked feature, and I didn't know how to do it. But the latest release has it ;) - Apr 02 2018
Thanks for the kind words !
I personnaly uses it to control my set top box, when I'm too lazy to grab the remote ;)

And thanks for the tip about Squeezeboxes, that's exactly what I was looking for without knowing it :) - Jul 25 2015
Just so you know, your request is in this version ;) - Jun 20 2015
Thanks for the comment and the useful idea :)

As for the reloader animation (if in fact that's what you were talking about), yes, I can and will add it in the options.
But as usual, I don't know when I'll work on this, so please be patient. It will come, but I don't know when :) - Jun 19 2015
Thanks a lot for the kind words and the bugs reports !
Sorry for the delay of the response, I must have missed the notification.

For the issues with reload, I never had any issues for the delay or for the fact that it reloaded or not. Are you sure that it's not a paint issue ? It seems there are some issues in KDE and/or plasma and/or webkit that prevent displaying an updated version of the page until the desktop/action bar is repainted.
To confirm that, you can try to move the page before reloading. When it reloads, it should display the page at its initial position, so you can see that it reloads effectively every minutes. Try also to move the page after it has reloaded, it may repaint it. And keep in mind that reloading takes a few seconds.
But I will nontheless check that.

I choosed a minimal time of one minute to avoid overloading some websites, but I will consider going to a 30s increment and maybe 15s. I really don't think going lower would be a good idea (I don't consider lower than one minute is one too, but it's not harmful anyway).

For the bug reporting, I agree it would be easier, but it doesn't seem to be the rule on plasmoid.
So I choose to instead put the link to the GitHub repository at the top of this page. On GitHub you can post bugs reports, and also participate in the code ;)

I don't know when I will be able to adress all of this, but I will !

Thanks again ! - Jun 07 2015
Ah yes, I understand what was the issue.
I named my plasmoid Webslice because it was the successor of the other one, but I didn't expect it to show in the search result in KDE 4.X.

Thanks for bringing back the answer ! - May 17 2015
It's easy, it's Web Slice ;)
Like I said, it seems to be in the plasma-widgets-addons package, but I can't be sure, neither test it for you because I don't have a machine running KDE 4.X now...

Those infos should be enough. In any case, I don't have more. All I can do is continue developping my version which won't work in KDE 4.X, sorry. - May 17 2015
A few things :
- If 0.3.0 works for you, and does the job, having v0.5.0 isn't worth the hassle.
- This plasmoid is in the "Plasma 5 plasmoid" category, because it's using API from Plasma 5.X and KDE 5.X. There are a lot of similarities between APIs in KDE 4.X and KDE 5.X, that's why some things might work for you, but it's only by luck, and nothing else.
- Upgrading KDE to be able to use this plasmoid isn't a good idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered, but upgrading KDE from 4.X to 5.X is a *BIG* step, and it's not worth it if it's only for this plasmoid.
- And finally, I created this plasmoid because in KDE 4.X there was one that I used massively, but not in KDE 5.X. It's not made by me, or maintened any more, but it does the job, and I'll recommend that you use it. I think, but I'm not sure at all, that it's in the package plasma-widgets-addons. - May 17 2015
That's awesome, thank you !

I'll put them up immediately ! - May 07 2015
That's awesome, thank you !

I'll put them up immediately ! - May 07 2015
That's awesome, thank you !

I'll put them up immediately ! - May 07 2015
Hoppla [Philips Hue Operation Plasmoid]

Plasma 5 Applets 32 comments

by Fuchs
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Dec 05 2019
+ - Apr 15 2019
Air Quality Widget

Plasma 5 Weather 28 comments

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Feb 01 2019
It might be easier to communicate by mail. So my mail is my pseudo - Jan 08 2019
Sure. You can even just give me the snippet of code, and I'll modify it, as I can reproduce with plasmoidviewer. - Jan 08 2019
I just installed 1.4 as a new widget. I have a dual monitor setup and have two linked issue : when set as a small desktop widget, and clicking on it, the popup :
1/ Open at the top left of the widget, even if the widget is at the top left corner of the screen, which means the popup appears offscreen
2/ It appears on the primary monitor when the widget is on the second
3/ I can alt+click the popup to move it, but it doesn't remember its new position
Fixing all three would be ideal :) - Jan 07 2019

Dolphin Service Menus 159 comments

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Dec 26 2017
Oh, and I forgot : if a long task will be running, show something on screen. Anything. To show that the command is in progress, and didn't crash. - Jul 12 2016
Ok, a few comments and tips :
- First, it's a great job you did here ! Awesome !
- Don't provide borked translations. I rather have it fallback to english, than having a (very very) bad translation in french.
- If you want users to translate for you (and I'll be willing to do it in french), provide a single file of strings to translate. Use maybe Transifex. And to manage all your files, look at how do it. In any case, keep in mind that your translators probably won't be developers. So keep it really, really simple. And in any case, most of your strings are probably already translated in KDE.
- If you are aware of issues with some tools, don't include them in the release.
- Package for deb and rpm. Use Alien if you have to. And include all your "depends" in them.
- Maybe, maybe, separating this tool in several would allow more modularity. A tool by "Folder" would be awesome (for example, I could install only "Security" and "SSH" and nothing else). But that's only my point of view.

And a couple of bugs :
- Even empty, the "Dropbox" folder is still present in the context menu
- If you have "SSH - Saved servers", it appears also in the "Dolphin" folder. Painful, especially when this folder is supposed to be empty
- Adding a timestamp to the name of file didn't work for me. Added just '-' at the beginning of it.

In any case, keep up the good work :) - Jul 12 2016
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 90 comments

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Sep 08 2017
My bad. I didn't saw the 'Alias' input in the popup, and so didn't have any aliases set.

In the settings, adding a title bar in the table could help avoid that mistake.
Also, the possibility to edit the values directly in the table would be welcome, and would remove the need of a popup.

Anyway, thanks again ! - Jun 25 2015
Nice !
But for me, the text above the temperature doesn't appear, and so the plasmoid take a lot of place, but is almost empty.
Could you look into that also ? - Jun 24 2015
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Apr 15 2019
Score 85.2%
9   Apr 15 2019