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John Rivera NOt of this world, United States of America
Pieces of Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Damian21214 4 comments

pretty nice, im a total noob to blender - Oct 02 2009
Dynamic Stopwatch Usplash Theme

Usplash Themes by CRAY4 5 comments

did you compile the source, by

opening a terminal
cd to the source directory
run "make"
then run "make install"
Without the quotes

if that dosnt work run
and then install StartUp-Manager
open StartUp-Manager
then in the appearance tab click manage usplash themes(or something simmular)
and then add from the source directory

sorry if im not detailed enough right now im running windows 7(for gaming only) - Aug 09 2009
Usplash Testing Script

Usplash Themes by CRAY4 2 comments

did u run it as sudo from terminal,

cd ~/Desktop
sudo sh - Aug 08 2009