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mike crazedpsyc
Floaty Panel......AWN theme

AWN Themes by Votritis 6 comments

Very nicely done! I am still stuck on Lucido, for all but one dock (I have 4 ;), but this looks great on my other one! - Feb 25 2011
Plymouth Stargate

Plymouth Themes by zeckman1138 19 comments

Great idea, but where is the theme?
I followed the link, clicked the download button at the bottom of the page, and it says the link is broken. - Jan 19 2011
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase 784 comments

I don't have one of those userChrome.css files except the example. I'll try removing that though - Nov 03 2010
Elegant Gnome Pack

GTK2 Themes by arobase 784 comments

I downloaded Elegant-Gnome and have loved it's elegance and relaxation until I opened firefox beta 6 for the first time since installing Elegant-Gnome. All of the buttons tabs menus and dialogs are light gray and sharp-cornered like the default gnome without any themes installed. the output of opening firefox in a terminal is at
All other apps including firefox 3.6.12 are fine. I have no firefox themes installed, just a persona. - Oct 28 2010
Freeze much?

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Sixthlaw 3 comments

I love it but could you apply an unsharp mask to the ice block (with Gimp) - Jun 29 2010
UGOS Xsplash Artwork

XSplash Themes by andrewdion04 2 comments

How do you actually make X or U splash themes? I tried lots of stuff, incuding using splashy instead, but nothin worked! I just want to have a bg image and a loading image - Jun 17 2010

Metacity Themes by elkarma84 2 comments

nice job with the theme, it looks great! could you help me with mine? there is a strange extra line on the right edge of the titlebar, see: . and the xml here: - Jun 17 2010
Poisonous Pills

Metacity Themes by dasGewitter 4 comments

I'm glad you did this! - Jun 17 2010

Metacity Themes by Padster 2 comments

Could you make the buttons (close max/unmax and min) a little closer together please - May 30 2010
BloodMint LM wallpaper

Wallpapers Mint by Crazedpsyc 1 comment

lol, obviously it has been released ;D - May 01 2010

GTK2 Themes by metak 56 comments

You have definitely achieved your goal with this! I agree that it is better than most dark gray themes, because the lack of color usually makes them boring, but you have gotten in enough animations(?) (whatever you call the changes in buttons when moused over and stuff) that it is excellent! - Apr 28 2010
some black - some green

Wallpapers Mint by Avaristan 1 comment

Wow, nice work on this wallpaper! it's great! - Apr 22 2010
Red Icons for GNU/Linux

Full Icon Themes by promix89 28 comments

Thanks for this one! It goes very nicely with my theme, so I love it! Do you want a universal installation script? you can make one fast with a text editor, just use mv or cp for each file. - Apr 20 2010
Freeze much?

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by Sixthlaw

Jun 29 2010
Apr 22 2010

Full Icon Themes
by alecive

9   Feb 25 2011
9   Feb 25 2011