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Jared Meadows Waynesboro, United States of America
We don\'t want your freedom

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Whoever said we built up our country by ourselves needs to read a history text sometime. First of all, we started as a BRITISH COLONY which gave us the resources, manpower and money just as we are to Iraq (minus the manpower in the workforce, just our army). Also, when we rebelled against Britain we didn't do it all ourselves. The only part we were alone for was until we won at the Battle of Saratoga which proved to France we stood a chance and convinced them to join us, so France saved our butts in the war. Granted, we repaid France twice. My point being, if Iraq wants a chance at being a stable and good country, it needs help from stronger powers to do so and keep its independence.

Also, most of the Iraqees want freedom. I knew a soldier who fought and died in Iraq, and he did so for the people who went top the polls on that first election day knowing they stood a strong chance of dying that day because they were so happy to be able to vote.

With the voter apathy here where people don't vote sometimes because it's raining, how many people do you think would vote if they knew they might die? Probably a 5-10% turnout. Iraq's 1st election turnout? 70-80%.So next time use the brainpower you spent making yourself look like a retard to think things over and check your facts. - Nov 21 2006