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u mad bro
Nice! "Ultra" is a welcome addition. Are you planning to implement all colors my RGB keyboard/mouse supports or is it just a coincidence? :D - May 12 2020
Thanks for the notification! I'm gonna try it out at beer o'clock ;) - Apr 17 2020
Looking good!
Except for one 'oddity' which appeared after Gajim upgraded to GTK3: (how it looks like) (how it should look like)
Funny thing: Switching back from Adwaita, that huge input box stays small. Closing the window and reopening it brings back a huge input box when using a Plasma theme and a small/correct input box when using Adwaita.

It's not crucial for me but there might be some GTK3 related stuff going wrong. Or maybe it's just Gajim which fools me, who knows ^^ - Jan 09 2018
Thanks! I'm gonna try that when I'm back at home but it doesn't look bad the way it is. - Nov 29 2017
Don't mind the filename which was chosen by imgur and NOT by myself!!1 - Nov 29 2017
Nice! I miss the old design but I'm getting used to the new one ^^ - Apr 04 2017
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May 14 2020
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