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VLC Extensions 26 comments

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Sep 08 2014
hmm if I restart vlc the extension gets unticked in the dropdown menu - so I have to manually tick it every time vlc is restarted to get the functionality. Is it supposed to be like that?

Tried running VLC as admin, same result. - May 06 2013
Remember position

VLC Extensions 25 comments

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Jul 12 2014
Aha one has to tick the remember position under the "Show" menu drop down, then it will jump to where the video stopped playing.

However it doesn't do it auotmatically when closing vlc and then opening the file again - now the remember position is unchecked again. - May 06 2013
vlc 2.0.6 - May 06 2013
windows 7, vlc 32 bit - clicked download button, saved as mempos.lua and put it where instructions provided. Restarted vlc and tried it out, no luck. - May 06 2013

VLC Extensions
by exebetche

Score 85.6%
May 13 2013