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Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

VLC Extensions by pnon10s 99 comments

I put it in
C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions

There is no file named Roaming in my pc, or at least I can't find it. I also performed a search to find this particular folder but it ended up empty.
I have Windows XP, maybe that's the issue.

What I meant in the previous comment is that I renamed the file to .lua but the icon of the file did not change, neither did the file type (right click - properties). So maybe my computer is to old to apply the necessary changes.

Guess I'll wait for version 2 LOL
Thank you very much for your reply! :) - Sep 16 2014

VLC Skins by Ventrance 5 comments

Thank you very much! This skin is awesome and the colors are really great! And it is the only one that worked on my pc... all other skins I've tried caused VLC to go mad and crash, this works!!
Thank you!! - Sep 14 2014
Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

VLC Extensions by pnon10s 99 comments

I followed your steps as you wrote them (Thank you for that!) but it still doesn't show in my VLC player. I have version 2.1.5 can this be the issue?
Sorry, I'm pretty new to this matter...
Also, when I save and rename the file it stays a txt icon while the build in extension shows a completely different icon - Sep 14 2014
9   Sep 16 2014