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Sep 05 2017
okay. That could make sense. Today I was testing this at my work for the first time and there many people have one internet speed. Maybe that's why. Now I'll test at home (here I have better connection)
Thank you so much for the very fast reply! - Feb 02 2017
Can somebody to help fix the song skipping?
I tried to search for an answer in the comments but all it said was update the script "youtube.lua"
and I did it but it didn't do nothing. Still skipping. Is it okay that I have both files "youtube.lua" and "playlist_youtube.lua" in the folder? - Feb 02 2017
Hi, I'm using the latest "youtube.lua" script and "playlist_youtube.lua" script and I have skipping songs. How to fix it. I tried to find the fix in these comments but all say to update the script and I have done so. Should I only have one of these scripts or what else can I do? - Feb 02 2017