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Klaus-J. Luksch

Telephony by cyberclaus 8 comments

Sorry for not answering sooner. KDE-APPS does not send emails to poster/submitter and usually I have a look here once a month.

The application is meant to be an information tool on incoming calls. Sure I could add a thousand things but it would not be the same small application any more.

I'm sorry, but I won't add PSTN support - most of all because I do not have too much knowledge about that. - Jul 01 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by zlabs 35 comments

Sorry, there's one thing I still have to say.

I do not and did not want to interfere in the work of the author of this project. I simply made a suggestion. You can accept it or not.

For myself I changed the beautify-script a lot more, got the "small" image, got it framed in a shiny black/gray, the bigger date/time in the left upper corner also framed, this time in red. And I have modified the .theme file so that the buttons are right under the image again. But all this is something everybody can do: a big plus of open source.

In case there are more users that want the theme the way I have it, I'd be glad to send my file to the author. (My knowledge in ImageMagick is not too good so this could get some improvement).

Once again: no hard feelings. - Jun 27 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by zlabs 35 comments

Simply add the line

convert ${2} -resize 68% ${2}

at the end of the file and restart the theme. The image should be exact the same size to the one of the former URL. Unfortunately the date is too small to read then.

A simple solution to that is, to copy the date of the original image, then reduce the image, enlarge the date and put these both together again.
- Jun 23 2006

Video Apps by dziegel 51 comments

My home TV set gives me a chance to see the actual time in OSD in the right or left upper corner. This is helpful while waiting on one channel for the movie on another channel at a specific time.

I would like to see that on kdetv too (think about fullscreen mode). I think about a plugin with
- place where the time should be displayed
- font family and font size
- a shortcut key for toggle on/off

There's no need to get the time from the tv stations, the system time would be the best (it's more acurate).

There should be a lot of people who liked that and I think it's not too complicated to solve. - Mar 06 2006

Telephony by cyberclaus 8 comments

The first thing for installation that has to be done are modifications in the file /etc/isdn/callerid.conf. This file is needed by the isdn subsystem/daemon and that's where the caller's number appears first.

The modifications there call my scripts and programs (with the right parameters). As long as you have the needed data anywhere else and you can call a script with parameters from there, you can use this tool. I'm terribly sorry, but I don't know whether this works with modems, too. But - to be honest - I doubt.

Maybe you or anyone else has any experience with that. - Mar 04 2006
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Karamba & Superkaramba by smihael 18 comments

Start the theme from within a terminal or console session and see what it says.
Copy and paste the output here and maybe you'll get some help. (I hope. At least I'm doing my best.) - Feb 25 2006
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Karamba & Superkaramba by smihael 18 comments

Hi there,

I found the idea absolutely useful and so I wanted to use it. But it didn't run on my system.
I had to change ...

url = browser +" '" + wiki/ + str(query) + "'"

... in line 18 of to ...

url = browser +" '" + "wiki/" + str(query) + "'"

(See it? "wiki/" is a string now. Otherwise I got the error message, that wiki is not defined.)

Now it works.
Thanks for this theme. - Feb 25 2006

Telephony by cyberclaus 8 comments

" ... kdenonbeta module in svn ..."
to me sounds like maybe a wonderful program probably written in C or C++. ?!?!
I speak a lot of languages but not C. So this is not a job for me.
But if anyone wants to translate it to me, especially the part with kaddressbook ... go on. I can hardly wait. - Feb 01 2006

Telephony by cyberclaus 8 comments

I'm gonna think about that. It sure would be good. But what about people that don't use the KDE Addressbook (like me)? Anyway - will put it on the TODO.

I'm looking forward to getting more reflections about this. - Jan 29 2006
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Karamba & Superkaramba by trebol-a 142 comments

A very good work and I like it very much. Use it on folder with a lot of images from different holiday trips. Sometimes there's a picture I would like see better. A 'middle-click' on the image could open it in kview or kuickshow. And that's only a few lines of code.
Please think about that. - Dec 05 2005