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berend dekens , Netherlands
Evolvere Plasma theme

Plasma Themes 17 comments

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Apr 10 2014
I love that you provide a full make-over for the KDE desktop - kudos for sharing! - Apr 15 2014

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Cheers :)

And that is why its called alpha right? ;) - Apr 03 2010
1.0.0 Alpha-2

For example: I tell it to create something like /mnt/music/Lady Gaga/Lady Gaga - The Fame/01 Track name

Where only /mnt/music exists and the other folders do not: they are not created before ffmpeg or lame is invoked. - Apr 03 2010
When using meta tag information to construct the path to the new files, the new path may or may not exist.

Instead of checking and creating the new path, soundKonverter tells lame or ffmpeg to use a non-existing output path, which ofcourse fails.
- Mar 28 2010

Network 84 comments

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Jan 18 2009
The current implementation requires you to 'pair' your phone. As such, the phone and computer will always be connected.

Even with power savings and such, you can imagine this will drain your battery pretty fast.

I can't even pair my phone to my computer so instead I wrote a script which detects the phone without actually establishing a connection.

This means you do not need to pair your phone and the battery won't drain nearly as fast. Note that any bluetooth traffic will cost a bit of power but not nearly as much as the pared setup.

So.... when will Bluelock support this mode? :) - Feb 17 2010

Browser 127 comments

by whilo
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Feb 25 2009
Addendum: switching from XMLRPC to Drupal or Wordpress gives me blog ID 13 (which is correct). However, the autoconfiguration will keep complaining.

When ignoring the autoconfig, I can sync old articles (as long as they don't have media attached - that crashed kblogger) - but not categories are listed.

When writing a new article, refreshing the category listing errors in "Unknown method". Because I am using Drupal or Wordpress as the backend type, this might mean it is calling the wrong function (WLW has no trouble getting the categories).

Posting and trying to get the style results in "Invalid request payload xmlrpc element STRUCT cannot be child of PARAM" - Apr 14 2009
On a side note: I am using Joomla with the metaweblog/movabletype XMLRPC bridge. When I try to add my blog, kblogger complains that it can't find the API.

I tried feeding the site root, the xmlrpc page (with or without index.php) and tweaking the advanced options (I assume XMLRPC bridge should be the correct one but none of the options work).

How to I get KBlogger to play along? - Apr 14 2009
Bug: KBlogger assumes the kwalletd service is running. When attempting to modify(create/edit/add) accounts, it crashes when kwalletd is not enabled.

Workaround: enable kwallet for now. - Apr 14 2009
I know that asking is not polite but since its been months when the previous alpha got release, any change the next alpha/beta will see the light of day soon(-ish)? :)

Kudos for the good work btw ^-^ - Apr 27 2008
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9   Apr 15 2014
Score 83.1%
9   Apr 15 2014