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Robert Rak
United GNOME

GTK3 Themes 180 comments

Score 78.9%
Nov 22 2017
You don't need an app. To install the theme, you download the .tar.gz file from the Files tab above, extract the United Theme folder, then open a terminal inside that folder and use the command 'sudo cp -r United* /usr/share/themes/' to copy all the variants (United Dark, United Light, etc) to the proper location.

After that is done, you open your theme selector (Gnome Tweak Tool) and change the GTK+ theme and Shell theme to United. You may need to go to the extensions tab in Gnome Tweak Tool and enable the User themes extension if you can't change your Shell theme. - Apr 23 2017
First of all, I want to thank you for the brilliant theme. Working with CSS seems like a nightmare to me so thank you for the sacrifice. I'll try to do bug reporting to help.

- Apr 23 2017
Oxidize Plasma Theme

Plasma Themes 1 comment

Score 80.0%
Sep 22 2010
Nice plasma theme, it fits well with the default oxygen widget style. - Feb 10 2011
Tangerine Edgy Usplash

Usplash Themes 15 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 20 2006
Gorgeous, unfortunately I changed my setup to a green theme, and I don't know how to change a usplash theme's color :( - Oct 29 2006

GTK2 Themes 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Aug 02 2006
I was looking for this exact theme, thank you. - Oct 12 2006
Score 80.0%
9   Feb 10 2011