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Plasma Color Schemes by bioximan 1 comment

Guess those Ubuntu users will start thinking it's for Ubuntu 11.04 :) - Apr 09 2011
net theme

QtCurve by michalrud 6 comments

The window decoration was called "Quartz". And there was a ".NET style" for the window contents in KDE3, but IIRC it had no relation to Windows or Microsoft .NET. - Dec 03 2010
UAC Skin

Beryl/Emerald Themes by nepper 4 comments

Well, by setting "Proprietary license", you just disallowed everyone to change the theme. There are several variants.

Creative Commons BY-SA is the perfect variant. You allow anyone to use and modify the theme, they can upload modified versions too, and they will give you credit for the original theme. (i.e. "(author)'s (title of the skin) is based on nepper's UAC Skin". And they will license their modifications under CC-BY-SA, too.

Or you can pick other variations of the Creative Commons license, where the acronyms mean:

BY - Attribution - anyone who modifies your work must give you credit.
SA - Share-Alike - anyone who publishes the modifications must publish them under the same license.
NC - NonCommercial - users cannot use the work for any commercial reasons. (but I strongly don't recommend that one)
ND - No Derivatives - users can use and share the work, but cannot change it. - Nov 22 2010
Ambiance Maverick

Openbox Themes by davidbarr 2 comments

That looks very nice. Even though Openbox is limited to what it can draw (no fancy bitmaps, no rounded borders...), there are some themes which look VERY nice. This theme is one of these. - Sep 28 2010

Audioplayers by amrhassan 2 comments

Doesn't work with foreign symbols in ID3 tags. - Aug 28 2010
Amiga Topaz Unicode Rus

Fonts by xBreeze 11 comments

Thank you very much / большое спасибо! :) - Aug 14 2010

Screen Recorders by pabluk 10 comments

Does not work with other keyboard layouts :( For example if I try to type something in Russian, screenkey outputs the corresponding English keys.

But the program is still nice :) - Jun 18 2010
UCC - Ubuntu Control Center

System Software by benjamimgois 8 comments

This must be in the new Ubuntu 10.10, or at least in 11.04 :D - Jun 18 2010

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by jschwentker 9 comments

The real font from the movie is Fixedsys, you can get the TTF version called Fixedsys Excelsior. - Jan 21 2010
Linux is More than Enough

Wallpaper Other by pakeklinux 6 comments

Thanks :)
Here is my attempt at translating (well, more like localizing) it into Russian.
I had removed the word 'pirated' from the Mac definition, 'cause the Macs itself are not popular here, and the ones who actually try to use a 'pirated Mac OS' on a PC get more bugs than all Windows versions have combined.

Also, the "Free powerful applications" were changed to "(Multiple/A number of) powerful applications". Almost no one in Russia even cares about the software freedom (or price), but 80% of the users say 'there are no / very little software available on Linux'. Maybe there also should be a "Running Windows applications with Wine" box (even though there are alternatives, they don't like changing programs they used), but I would at first ask for your opinion.

The font you have used had no Cyrillic glyphs, but there is one that is similar to your one and has those. It's called URW Gothic L Book and should be available in your Linux distro.

And, just as some info: the screenshots inside the boxes look too blurry.

Download XCF:
Download PNG:
(Just click the only link in the page) - Dec 16 2009
Linux is More than Enough

Wallpaper Other by pakeklinux 6 comments

If it's GPL, can I have the source code (I mean, the GIMP XCF file of this image)? :-) - Dec 16 2009
Redmond 2009

Openbox Themes by rswoods 23 comments

Subj. Please reupload the file. - Oct 14 2009

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by nrik 2 comments

I like your theme very much, but can you make the one that Chrome has when running on Windows? (the Vista-like one) - Oct 12 2009

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 18 comments

Thank you very much! Now these icons will be working with no issues not only on your own computer :) - Sep 02 2009
Luna Element

GTK2 Themes by uncholowapo 19 comments

Actually, you CAN add pictures that appear while you hover the cursor over a button on title (like close-focused-active, sadly, but you can do this only with *-focused-active). Such images are called *-prelight.xpm.
e.g. close-focused-active.png -> XPM -> close-prelight.xpm

Also, you DON'T need the menu-active.png file here.

And the last but not the lease, the menu-*.xpm files should be 16*16 (or at least 16*anything) for icons to look good. - Jul 28 2009

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 18 comments

try creating the symlinks using the 'ln' command:
ln -s source dest
where source and dest are file names.


cd ~/.icons/Crystal\ SVG/32x32/actions
(the backslash before the space is required here)
ln -s bookmark_add.png bookmark_new.png

This way, you are creating the CORRECT symlinks, not the ones that will only work on your own computer. - Jul 17 2009

Full Icon Themes by juandejesuss 18 comments

There is a bug in a theme: all symlinks point not relatively, but absolutely (stock_mail-compose.png -> /home/juandejesuss/.icons/Crystal SVG/32x32/actions/mail_new.png) - Jul 17 2009

GTK2 Themes by d1337r 4 comments

About the panel: in the next revision there will be a way to have panels and panel buttons JUST like in xfce-redmondxp theme. The separator... I didn't even touch that color, probably will make it some kind of grey. - Jul 13 2009

GTK2 Themes
by Gnominator

May 20 2009
Ambiance Maverick

Openbox Themes
by davidbarr

9   Sep 28 2010