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Robert Cole West Vancouver, Canada
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Super Ubuntu Meat Balloons

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Feb 07 2009
I wish I could ban the people who take the fun out of beauty and sex. I love the women themes, and there is not enough of them on Gnome-Look. They should have a separate category just for sexy themes and wallpaper, or an adult section. - Feb 13 2009
I hope you like the theme, and expect more to come. Please post your comments, but save the requests until my next post.... - Feb 07 2009
Keely Hazell GDM

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Feb 08 2009
Thanks for pointing that out. I ** FIXED ** the link. Sometimes, when your typing fast, you can easily miss a period for a comma. - Feb 08 2009
I wish I could read spanish. The script looks easy enough, but it would of been nice to read what they say about it. - Feb 08 2009
I need to update the screenshot, XNEST and the screen capture caught edges of the screen capture tool. The blur in the middle doesn't exist in the actual GDM. - Feb 08 2009
Please rate this GDM and give me your feedback. Check out my other Hot GDM's. - Feb 08 2009