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Erik Hardesty
Is the QtCurve source code hosted anywhere else?
Would it be possible to get a hold of the previously working GTK3 implementation?
I would love to get this all hosted on a git to make it easier for outside contributions - Aug 22 2012

QtCurve by lgsalvati 14 comments

Sorry I meant like this tab highlight in nautilus:
See the blue line underneath the selected tab.

For example, in KDE if you go to System Settings->Appearance->Style the tabs there blend in perhaps too well with the background. Adding a blue highlight such as reNIX's or the actual Ice Cream Sandwich theme's would help that I think.

Anyway, I love the theme and I'm even more excited to know that you are still working on it. - Aug 22 2012

QtCurve by lgsalvati 14 comments

I'm really liking this theme so far. I've been looking for something like this on KDE.

I have a few comments:
I would like to see tab highlighing similar to the reNIX GTK theme as well as a color scheme that is a little closer to what reNIX uses.
Additionally, I'm personally not a fan of the shadowing on the checkboxes. I think it would look cleaner without it. - Aug 21 2012
reNIX (for Unity and GS)

GTK3/4 Themes by tgraeca84 30 comments

I agree with you about the padding and the tag highlight.

Have to admit this theme is fantastic. I'm usually not a fan of themes with this general style but I love this one. - Aug 19 2012
Aug 15 2012
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