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Simply GNOME

Wallpapers Gnome 6 comments

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Mar 23 2005
Good to know someone like it anyway :).
I will do more research next time, before posting. - Mar 23 2005
WTF? I POSTED IT IN GNOME SITE!!! How is it in kde-look AND gnome-look at the same time? Do not understand anything... Maybe it is internal *look problem?
I am writting a reply in gnome-look now... - Mar 23 2005
Pixel Girl

GDM Themes 23 comments

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Nov 24 2004
Would be cool :) (I am using ubuntu now), but I think it shuld get brown background for that purpose. - Dec 02 2004
Gnome 2.8 3D Succesor

Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Oct 15 2004
How did you make your desktop 3d? Any links?

Regards - Nov 04 2004
Linspire background

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Sep 18 2004
I dislike linspire because of its products intended to be as much "windows like" as possible. And IMHO why to be something simillar, if you can innovate and attract much more users than when you simply copy a toy operating system. It should, if at all used only as a computer beginners OS. - Sep 19 2004
Beach View...

Beaches and Oceans 1 comment

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Aug 21 2004
It remembers me M$ Windows 98 startup logo with clouds, but instead of window there is an umbrella. :) - Aug 21 2004
BSD cures everything

Wallpapers BSD 4 comments

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Aug 20 2004
He draw it with GIMP - image editing program very much like Phuto$shop - Aug 21 2004
Thank you very much Innovati! - Aug 21 2004
GNU cures everything

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Aug 20 2004
Thank you, Innovati. - Aug 20 2004
I really like your wallpaper, but
can you make something like "FreeBSD Cures everything."? I think i shall use it on my desktop then.

Keep up the good work! - Aug 20 2004