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Funny Colors

Wallpaper Other by bero 3 comments

looks like the pr0n channel, without
the deco.. - Sep 10 2003
Fusion Desk

Wallpaper Other by dflax 6 comments

About your personal rant:
Do not take it personal. I've also seen Crystal Icons, NOIA Icon set, Ideas about changes to KDE (my kmenu proposal dropped from 92% to 70% in one week), and many others as well.

Looks like there is some poor id10t 1337 kiddie
trying to make the site dissapear. There
have been some discussions about this already.

About your wallpaper: i think it's beautiful,
except maybe for the yellow lightning.. maybe
it can be dimmed a bit..?

- Dec 24 2002
More GNU+Tux

Wallpaper Other by damiancito 4 comments

nah.. he's just sitting on top of him.. ya know, as in GNU/Linux .. here's the COW/Tux

Oh, and just in case the joke is not obvious, the guy in the corner is Stallman,
the man who is constantly trying to get Linux to be renamed "GNU/Linux".
- Dec 20 2002
Sky (well, kinda)

Wallpaper Other by browerj 1 comment

looks good. You can work a little bit on the shape of the clouds, tho (color and texture is ok)
- Dec 19 2002

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Capzilla 10 comments

shouldn't it be called North-Americana? ;oP
i happen to live in a part of
America which does NOT belong to
the US..
- Nov 14 2002
Hack the planet

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ianmunck 7 comments

made me laugh. thanks. ;o) - Nov 12 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

plan for KDE 3.2 which title reads
something like "add task-oriented
menu option" .. so let's see what
they have in mind.. ;o)

anyway, be sure to vote "good"
on this newer, more generic thread
about improving the menu..

- Nov 11 2002

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by atlantikus 18 comments

everaldo's work is called "crystal", not
"liquid". you are mistaking him with
- Oct 28 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

Don't worry, i didn't think your comment
was rude or anything. However,
i did feel like you were criticizing stuff
that is not necesarily a part of what
i want you guys to criticize, (or at least
not exactly)

>> The idea is *NOT* to add
>> menu. it's about making the
>> menu show more INFO!


yes, but not something Specific ;o)

>And I find that information to much
>for the KMenu too, it will get huge
>and messy. KMenu main purpose is
>to select and run applications (and

i agree completely. it COULD get
messy if you enabled everything at
once, but the idea is to have the choice
of what you want and what you don't

(anyway, have you tried enabling
EVERYTHING in the current menu?
like recently used apps, shortcuts
to home directory, find files, 15 different
app categories and so on..... it can
get tall enough to reach the ceiling!)

>But the KMenu should be simple by
>default ;)


>Nah, it is missing much more than
>that, but that's another story ;)

anything in mind? ;o)

- Oct 27 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

Please READ the discussion
going on here before you post!

The idea is *NOT* to add ANYTHING
SPECIFIC to the K menu. it's about
making the menu show more INFO!
(i especially like the idea of a plug-in
interface. Although it's not necesary at
all, it would make things a lot cleaner)

"why not in the kicker?"
The Kicker simply does not have enough
space to show uptime, logged users,
and appointment information. And
even if it had, it would make for so
much clutter it would end up worse
than it is now.

>Maybe an aditional menu for that
>kind of stuff, that could be nice.
>like a button that shows a menu with
>(Just thougt of it now).

Two menus? it would only add more

(the plugin interface i keep dreaming about
would probably allow the user to select
where they want the info, so your
suggestion could be possible as well,

>Anyway my point is, IMO the idea
>makes no sense and it is terrible in
>terms of usability.

and IMO a better menu is the only
think KDE is really missing. :o)
- Oct 27 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments


It's a few days since i had seen the last
post on this subject so i thought nobody
cared anymore... :o/

anyway. about getting the menu:
I'm sure implementing it requires changes
in KDEbase and maybe even Qt itself,
so if you want to see it getting real,
the KDE developers are the ones to ask
for it. (besides they are probably
beginning to think about it already..
this issue was kinda hot a couple
of weeks ago)

for example, a lot of people seemed
to like the way i drew the submenu
expanding, "centered" with the parent
menu rather than "leveled", but
a theme alone can't do that.....

i've come up with a way to make the
Kmenu show info about new e-mail
messages and other "dynamic" data,
using cron jobs and a couple of perl
scripts. really easy to do....
however, the menu's current
structure -poor!- coupled with the
harsh way in which Mandrake updates
KDE's menu (overriding my changes)
makes my hack rather useless.

I really hope something new and
Good (TM) comes out of this..


- Oct 27 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

yes, i agree that no idea is perfect
and no menu will ever please absolutely

However, your iniciative to add
"agenda-like" info to the main menu
IS good. in order to please everyone
the developers would only need to make it

this is exactly why i liked your
'innovative menu' proposal, and
why i decided i would try to help.

and hey, i am absolutely pleased with
the level of acceptance. - Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

yeah the items on the right would
definitely be optional. having several
possibilities to choose from is a
good idea.

besides, if the interface to build
new items is simple enough,
hobbyists would be able to make
customized, new menu items displaying
different kinds of information.
imagine here, on KDE-look,
a section about "K menu plugins" ;o)
- Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

and what do you think about the
new options?

i'm glad you liked them but the shadows
and stuff is just a drawing.
my suggestion is not about a
style/theme but about a new, better
menu. - Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

we think a lot of people could use it?

i based my 'appointments'
item on suggestions.

it's an OPTION. if you don't
like it you would always be able to
remove it.

- Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

Yes. excatly.

Colors, icons and drawing style
will ALWAYS depend on color
scheme, icon set and themes.

it's a shame so few people realize this
in spite of my first message.

this is just an ides about the options
that could be added. NOT the
drawing style or color.

- Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

i await your detailed criticism! ;o) - Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

thank you very much.

i hope the developers like it too ;o) - Oct 22 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

.... te animas a dibujar uno? ;o)

Damian - Oct 21 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

Tengo pensado hacer una tercera
versi - Oct 21 2002

Various Stuff by yf12s 32 comments

i like it a lot.

however, i would definitely remove the big KDE banner at the top. i like the
graphic itself, but i'd rather make the
menu more 'to the point'.

good work.

- Oct 20 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

"It doesn't have to be slow. If the
dynamic stuff is kept in memory, maybe a daemon running in the background with one single process like gkrellm does. Most of the dynamic information is in the form of text. The daemon would parse information from the /proc virtual filesystem, the system clock and lookup appointment information from korganizer. The Daemon would update itself independent of the menus so their would be no lag time. This could also be a feature that is easily switched off."

This is exactly the kind of proposal i
have in mind.
In fact, there are already (AFAIK) a couple of main KDE processes in which
this kind of functionality could be
implemented without having to start
a plug-in interface from scratch.

Of course, i do realize that this new
menu does probably need a new
menu component...
but hey, somebody teach me how
to code KDE objects/components
and i'll do it myself and post it here!

- Oct 20 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

Yeah, i try to keep that in mind.

However, i think even the slightest
change to the way the current menu
works (just a plain, ordinary and simple
list of stuff) requires a new menu "widget"
to be programmed and implemented from

we know by now that it is possible to
add things that are useful, and that people like
a lot.

the "plugin interface" concept would
absolutely RULE. imagine a menu
that would start up simple and small but able to grow into any number of

as i'm typing this, i've already started
a new drawing. I'm using some of
your ideas, too (today's appointments and such)
but of course, this is, most likely,
the kind of thing that a plug-in should do.

can - Oct 19 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

I'm determined to make another
post on this subject.

probably i'll add several "screenshots"
with differently organized menu items..

i'm going to use the input i'm getting here, so please be specific about
your likes and dislikes
(and if you do not like something, please make a suggestion. "it needs work" is hardly an useful remark. i already know that ;o)
- Oct 19 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

well, i took those categories from
Mandrake's menu. The idea of an
"applications" section is to have
a common place to throw programs
that fit no other category...

- Oct 19 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

yea, i do realize the double-panel
reminds of XP... however i thought
it's worth it, since it makes the
menu much easier to organize.

about the clock.. sure, i thought about
it myself, but later discarded the idea,
since the kicker bar already gives you
one ;o)

hey, plug-in support really is a good idea! that Reminder and Mail
stats uga posted a while ago could
be optional plug-ins...

thanks for the positive input. i hope
the next major KDE release includes
some of this (assuming the rest of
the ppl like it ;oP )
- Oct 19 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff by damiancito 86 comments

About the "Other Places" item:
This is what i think meant with his "devices" item.

Please note that while i took the time to draw and
entire menu, the only part i wanted to show here
was an idea about integrating dynamic info to the menu
(such as Uptime and other stats, computer name,
logged users (the "user's documents should use the logged user's
name i.e. "Damiancito's Home Directory"), and incoming mail
notification --tho i still believe that one belongs in the kicker tray)

now i wanna hear CRITICISM! but the useful
kind of it, please. ;o)

see ya.
- Oct 19 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by th.cherouny 6 comments

i like it, except for the cheetah thing.. - Oct 10 2002

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by howe81 14 comments

sorry but it would make me blind in minutes. - Oct 01 2002
Sky's the Limit

Wallpaper Other by korsam 4 comments

good, original, high quality.

keep it up.

damian - Aug 16 2002
dream of fantasy

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 14 comments

i think the looks of KDE
right after installation need
to be impressive. first impression
is what counts. it's time
to choose some REALLY GOOD
artwork and tell KDE devs
what we want as KDE's default

i've chosen this moment to
say this because these wallapers
were love at first sight.

i say the second wallpaper here
SHOULD be default after installation.

icon set is tougher decision because i still have not seen a truly COMPLETE icon set apart from the default.

oh, and window deco/ theme? LIQUID.

what do you guys think?
i feel like KDE is now very beautiful, but it's time to make it look impressive right out of the RPM.

Damian - Aug 13 2002
Aqua Fusion Icon Theme 0.4

Icon Sub-Sets by AquaFusion 80 comments

uhm.. that Chat.png icon
with the two guys there...

it looke like the one on the left
is beating the other in the stomach! LOL


sorry, just felt like making a stupid post - Aug 01 2002
Mandrake Control Center Crystal Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by dams 24 comments

Hey dams, how about a bueish
hightlight for the icons?

don't you think the grey is a little...
ya know.. dark? ;oP

actually i liked the green ( or purple ) best. so if you are trying
some new stuff you could try blue..

just an idea..

Damian - Jun 30 2002
"KDE Girl"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 46 comments

..i really don't get what's pissing you off. so what if someone wants a pic of a slutty little pseudo-anime girl as a splash? does it make all wonem look like slutty anime?
forgive me for saying this, but yours IS a rather stupid post.

If you want, go ahead and make a splash of a naked man and post it here for all women to download, if it makes you happy...

my point is, just because someone made a splash of a woman showing her butt it doesn't mean the maker thinks all women are walking butts.

and if a lot of ppl like it and download it, then i'm sorry but that's life. the internet is 70% about sex, like it or not.

oh and for the record, i do not like 'sexy' themes and i don't use this splash.

- May 18 2002

KDE 2 Themes by renoken 50 comments

using Mandrake 8.2 and KDE
control panel doesn't show the
Configuration menu that is shown
in the screenshots.

is there any other way i can call it up?

- Mar 23 2002