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Pedro Almeida
Kontact improvements & integration ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by skadge 22 comments

I just got lost! Part of the problem here is exactly what lays behind KDE's major flaw, which precisely comes from its bigger strength: it's so powerful and configurable that is so easy to get a very confusing and distracting GUI. Less is always more. As someone already mentioned, you don't have to integrate just because you can, but because you should. Having an AmaroK plugin or something else not related to Kontact directly is an invitation to caos, to put it ungently. :P - Feb 13 2006
Portugal Beach

GDM Themes by peekpt 5 comments

Olaaaa! E muito bom ver a comunidade portuguesa a dar cartas na mesa! ;] E os 78% vao da minha parte! Agora deixem-me escrever alguma coisa em Portugues porque e ma-educação deixar os outros sem perceber nada... :] Keep up the good work! I'll post here something from the South shore of river Tagus. :] Hugs! - Mar 10 2005
KDE meets Ubuntu

KDE Plasma Screenshots by PotajiTo 6 comments

Hello there!
I did fancy your desktop a lot! Very lively, indeed! ;] Just a question: is that "Warty" ou "Hoary"? I tried to install KDE on both, but all I got was 3.3.1 on "Hoary" and 3.2.something on "Warty". Besides, on "Hoary" it failed to install kdelibs-data, so things got really unstable... Also, I did what was told on Debian users' mailing list, in order to activate composite effect through xorg but it failed as well. All I got was every newbie's nightmare - only a black screen running a terminal. Any advice is gladly welcome. :] - Feb 11 2005