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Jan 02 2020
Thank you! - Jan 17 2020
Thank you! - Jan 05 2020
Thanks a lot! - Jan 03 2020
Thank you! - Jan 02 2020
Thanks. About your point, there are a few versions of Crystal icon themes in the past, and the point of my project is not to replicate any one of them, but rather mix/enhance them in a way that looks better (in my personal taste) than the originals. With the back/forward arrows, I did try different alternatives and what I end up using is what I like the best. Also, in a few cases, I created my own derivative icons (for example, the email icon or the edit-select icon) to replace the originals. - Apr 04 2018

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
Thank you! - Dec 24 2019
Could you give me a bit more details, what you ran and more of the error log?

If you have a GitHub account, it might be easier to file a bug there: - Dec 24 2019
Released in v6.2 - Dec 23 2019
Released in v6.2 - Dec 23 2019
Done in repo now, see: - Dec 01 2019
In repo version, Application Menu now uses the same transparency level as the dock panel's. See: - Dec 01 2019
It's fixed at the moment, but I can add the setting. Bug created:

Now that the major change has been done, I should be able to work on this and the clock font feature for the next release.

Cheers, - Nov 25 2019
Thank you! - Aug 13 2019
Sure it will be tracked here: - Aug 12 2019
Thank you! - Mar 03 2019
Thanks! Glad you like it. - Apr 05 2018
The feature request is now tracked here: - Jul 11 2017
Sorry for the late reply -- I was away, and thanks for your comment!

As for the feature, I'll consider it, although for now there are higher priority features that I need to work on first. If you have account on GitHub, could you file an issue here so we can track it?

Thanks! - Jul 10 2017
Could you please file a feature request in so that we can track it?
Also FYI currently KSmoothDock does have some multiscreen support e.g. the dock will center in the first screen. Although there is a bug with setting position on the right of the screen with multiscreen, and there is a feature request to set different wallpapers for different screens (you can see them on the Issues page above). - May 06 2017
Glad you liked it :) - Mar 24 2017
I've just released v5.2 with Auto Hide :) - Mar 23 2017
Thanks a lot!

Yeah when KDE4 was first released, it wasn't very nice to use and develop on, and I got distracted with other stuffs... Anyway I'm back now.

The autohide feature is being worked on and I'll release it in the next version (5.2) in a few week's time. For that bug and others, you can see them here: - Mar 19 2017
Hi there,

Sorry for the bugs that some of you encounter. The problem for me is that I cannot reproduce these bugs, so I cannot fix them :(

It seems that these are due to incompatibility between different KDE versions and/or Linux distributions.

If you have any idea on how to solve this, please let me know.

Viet D(z)ung
P.S.: FYI I'm using OpenSuSe 10.2 (KDE 3.5.5)
- Sep 30 2007
Hi guys,

Sorry for the crash bugs. Although it doesn't happen on my PC, it seems to happen in a considerable number of cases. I am investigating the problem and trying to fix it.

Viet D(z)ung - Jun 19 2007
Does it happen for a specific command or for any command?

Can you email me the command that causes the lock-up? - May 07 2007
Can you email me the command for your Opera icon?

Thanks, - May 07 2007
I have taken out the primitive support for Xinerama in 3.x versions in order to properly implement it in version 4.x (e.g. recognise the size of the left monitor automatically...)

Sorry for the inconvenience for the moment. - May 07 2007
I see, will try to fix it.
Regards, - Apr 28 2007
I don't know why ./configure failed, but what distribution are you using? probably you can look for its binary package.
Cheers, - Apr 22 2007
I will implement it eventually, but probably after system tray. In the mean time, you can put it on the left or right side... - Apr 22 2007
In order to be able to compile from source, you need kde development packages and their dependencies. So please install kde development packages first.
Cheers, - Apr 22 2007
Kooldock actually looks similar because it is a fork of KSmoothDock 2.x. KSmoothDock can run faster or slower, depending on the settings you choose (i.e. zoom mode, components...).
Cheers, - Apr 18 2007
I will implement applet support for KSmoothDock. However, there are stuffs that need to be done first, like system tray support.

Viet D(z)ung - Apr 16 2007
The popup menu depends on the section of the dock that you are clicking on.

Try clicking onto a launcher, a pager or the clock and have a look ;)

Viet Dzung - Nov 22 2006
Have you tried install libgamin-dev?
Some user has fixed the bug by this.

Btw, this is really a strange bug as KSMoothDock works perfectly well for KDE 3.5.1 (in general 3.5.x before 3.5.5). I can't understand why a bug-fix release like 3.5.5 would break things. - Nov 18 2006

Inserting a separator between 2 launchers could confuse users, as at the moment the separator is used to separate the launchers and the taskbar if the pager is not shown.

I'll think about your other request though.

Regards, - Nov 17 2006

The bug has been fixed in 4.3. Now it will move the icons just enough to have the space for the minimised dock if auto-hiding is not on.

About real transparency, I will do it when more people use it and the technology is more mature. Even I cannot make xgl run on my machine :(

Viet D(z)ung - Nov 17 2006
You need to have development package (kde-devel, gcc...) in order to compile KSmoothDock from source.
- Nov 17 2006
Does this happen to v4.3?
Viet D(z)ung - Nov 17 2006
I have re-implemented "Close Task" right-click popup in v4.3

Cheers, - Nov 17 2006
Thanks for your message. I have updated the webpage accordingly.
Viet D(z)ung - Sep 26 2006
Yes, but only if there are icons that maybe under the dock. Basically, the dock sets a new icon area whenever it starts or changes its position so as the user can always see all the icons on his/her desktop.

Regards, - Sep 21 2006
Yes, but only when the real transparency technology is more mature and accessible to more people (it's not at the moment).

Btw I'm really looking forward to use real transparency as it will eliminate many current display bugs (due to fake transparency).

Best, - Sep 05 2006
Hi, it seems that quite many people are having problems compiling the source package I posted. I'll try to use another Linux machine to build another source package and post here very soon.

Viet Dung - Sep 05 2006
It works like kicker: to configure the dock, right-click on the launchers, you will see the program's pop-up menu (Right-click on a task shows task popup menu instead).
Viet Dung - Sep 03 2006
Yeah at the moment the separator is missing, I will re-implement it very soon.

About the system tray, if it is implemented there will always be an option to turn it off, so it will not affect your current setting.

Viet Dung - Aug 26 2006
Please read the short FAQ above.
Viet Dung - Aug 26 2006
Lucher, it seems that you are not using the latest version. There is no confkickerdialog.* nor confdialog.*

Please download the latest version.
Viet Dung - Aug 26 2006
Please check that you have KDE development packages installed. And try:
./configure --prefix=/YOUR_KDE_DIR - Aug 25 2006
Yes, I am aware of the problem. I will try to fix it. In the mean time, you could try setting the dock position to Left or Right.
Viet Dung - Aug 25 2006