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XP Professional

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Jan 21 2020
Now control and low border of the windows are XP Royale. Panels, menu and lateral panel of che windows of file explorer follow the mint themes.
In cinnamon This theme works in complete way. Despite this theme seems to be for cinnamon.
Thank you for patience - Apr 05 2019
I tried before writing to "extract it and place it in ~/.themes".
But in the window that pops up (appearance preferences window), I can't select Windows XP from the list., because it isn't in that windows: it don't appear. It is strange, because with this method I can work two other XP-like themes work (badly), taken in; NOTXP and WINXP - Apr 05 2019
Thank you elbullazul for your fast answer. bat i don't understand. I want install XP Royale Theme. When i click on index.theme I get the answer I said earlier. and Mint Mate don't install nothing. The same if I click "install" in appearance preferences window (sorry , I traslate from italian),
try renaming metacity: where is it? - Apr 05 2019
Ihave Linux Mint MATE 19.1. I tried to install the theme but it say: it seem thet isn't a valid theme. however it works in Linux Mint Cinnamom 19.1.
It's possible to do something? - Apr 05 2019