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Jan 08 2013
Thanks the uploaded file was too big (forgot to remove build dir..) - Jan 13 2010
... no string changed since the last version, so no need to update anyone, this is bug fix.

BTW last time \i sent a mmail there nobory touched it for 15 days... - Jan 13 2010
you need to install it on you kde prefix (probably /usr), since the user interface is system setting modules and can't be find in another place. - Dec 07 2009
You need PackageKit installed first, go to and download the lastest package. Then build, you will need --enable-apt or --enable-aptcc (which I'm the author) and --default-backend=apt or aptcc
After it's installed you can try KPackageKit. - Dec 07 2009
Well on Kde it should appear as "Software Management (KPackageKit)".
And most user normally use it from system settings where it's called "Add and Remove software".
Now kubuntu might change that, which I'm not aware since i don't use it. - Dec 07 2009
there is a missing dep in smarticon cmake file to include kio but even without it here it compiles try changing the smarticon/cmake.txt to have this
The important part is to ${KDE4_KIO_LIBS} be inside that.. - Oct 26 2009
Well the packagekit yum backend get's this information probably from yum databases, as i use debian we get this information directly from the web (which is a bit slow some times), looking at the package change log.
Don´t know if itś possible to retrieve from yum cmd line. - Sep 03 2009
yep, you are right. It's the first time i ship translations toghether and since it's not needed in kde I forgot that...
Thanks. - Aug 16 2009
Dude, first of all you should point what problems do you have.
And by telling you have used adept, you probably use some Ubuntu variants, which it THE ONE to blame. - Aug 16 2009
best is to report to localization team of kde. - Aug 10 2009
No problem it's hard to complain on something you don't know the design, it's more obvious to think KPackageKit has the problem.
What normally happens is that if you can reproduce the bug in gnome-PackageKit then the fault is probably on the backend, otherwise it can be in the GUI. - Aug 03 2009
It's your distro backend fault, complain there. - Aug 03 2009
Check out the 0.4.1 changelog :D - Jun 04 2009
The problem is that you backend is not able to install some kinds of packages, (blame your distro..) :P - Apr 28 2009
hmm weird but the file is the one you found, try running it as root just to see if there are errors.
try to hang on #packagekit on freenode maybe be can try to help you better there, i'm not the guy that undertands very well the py apt backend as of that i'm creating one in c++ but you should stay with the py one as it has more features.. - Jan 24 2009
no, i don't :P
i have some new ideas for the ui but the gtk ui would suck in system settings as it's too wide, the gtk one is not embedded in another application, so small screens would not display it visible enough. the point i'm making is that system settings shows at the left side the modules we have and we don't have control to make that thinner. ;) - Jan 23 2009
K, first use polkit form extragear as i fixed some bugs that in my debian testing wasn't working..
For the apt backend that's probably a missing package that python is complaining try to run the as root to see the error messages - Jan 23 2009
Thanks for you comment but this need to be supported by packagekit, which afaik is not currently supported, i'll try to suggest that in the future but you need to keep in mind that this need to able to be compatible with all distros and the repositories is one thing that differs a lot. - Dec 31 2008
oh yeah :P i ALWAYS confuse both projects :P
Thanks :D - Dec 22 2008
Hi, you're probably right, we forgot to turn off the animation when expanding, i'm planning a new release as soon as my work with polkit-kde is "finished", we have some new features and this is most likely to disappear.
But thanks for commenting. - Nov 18 2008
For this to work with slackware it simple needs a backend that knows slapt or installpkg, then it's possible to install .tgz files or if slapt suppport is added you would use repositories. ( i don't really know slapt cause when i used slack it was only installpkg)

but afaik there is no such implementation right now, so if you are a dev you can check the docs on how to create a backend at website yourself :D - Oct 28 2008
hmm i have some ppl that compiled fine on opensuse, and the error for me is that i changed some bits in the lib so this is what is look like.
I'd say to you make sure you're installing in /usr try cleaning up your builds, and if none of it helps try #packagekit on free node we can try to help.. - Oct 18 2008
Hi, your problem is because you don't have the latest version of packagekit-qt installed. NOTE that this is not shipped anymore with the tar ball so it's best to go to and download the last version.

Soon it'll be available at website. in the meanwhile you can grab there. - Oct 17 2008
Hi, well this is a question i've been asking to the guys that are already packaging it to fedora (btw are you?), the thing is: i added this "markup" everywhere so it's ready to be translated, but i don't know how translations works :P
i never translated a program nor created a program to be translated, i can also translate it to portuguese br, but i don't know from where to start....
Any help is really appreciate, we also got a new contributor who might know how to do that, i'll ask him.
Cheers. - Oct 16 2008
Oh, i just figured out what is your problem.

You don't have packagekit working. If it's really installed make sure you have a version 0.3 or greater. - Oct 11 2008
can you please provide wich version of qt and packagekit are you using?

Thanks. - Oct 10 2008
Dude, when compiling software always install the *-dev files, so libpolkit-dbus-dev is needed :)

Have fun. - Oct 01 2008
Well a kind of official website is, i have just got a kde svn account so i'll probably put it there as soon as possible, but you can use this space here to post bug reports or send me messages.
At the end of the week i'll release a new version with file install support so if you have some bugs i can try to fix till there.
Thanks. - Sep 30 2008
did you get the git version on the pk web site?
are you sure you have all the deps?
here is a list of what deps i remember i had to install in order to compile pk, also make sure after the autogen you see the list were apt backend is enabled and the default
if none work try #packagekit on freenode for an online help :)

./ --prefix=/home/daniel/projetos/PackageKit/pkbin/ --with-security-framework=polkit --with-default-backend=apt --enable-apt --enable-dummy --enable-local --enable-tests --enable-gtk-doc

>> apt2

Good luck - Jul 08 2008
try editing this file: /home/xadras/PackageKit-0.2.2/pkbin/etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf

on pkbin dir do something like this:
cp -r etc* /etc/
cp -r include/* /usr/include/
cp -r lib/* /usr/lib/
cp -r share/* /usr/share/
cp -r var/* /var/

at the end restart dbus - Jul 07 2008
You're right the app will crash if the backend is invalid, try to use that line to compile packagekit and also make sure that the ..prefix/etc/PackageKit/PackageKit.conf has the line default backend=apt
i'll try to see how to warn the user that packagekit is not working or running.
Thanks. - Jul 07 2008
hmmm i'll try to see if packagekit having an invalid backend make the gui crash...
On my Debian with kde from experimental too i use this line to compile packagekit:
./ --prefix=/home/daniel/PackageKit/pkbin/ --with-security-framework=polkit --with-default-backend=apt --enable-apt --enable-dummy --enable-local --enable-tests --enable-gtk-doc

after this going well i myself COPY (don't move) the files in that pkbin dir to it's location, i don't recommend you using /usr in the prefix of packagekit cause it have some fedora specifc stuff that will make your debian dirs a little different.

there is a command pkcon that allows you to try packagekit:
pkcon search name k3b
if this one runs ok then probably my app has a problem... - Jul 07 2008
KPackageKit [Idea]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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Feb 24 2009
Nice shot, well i did had the same idea as you did when i started packagekit, but i found out that the way it works to be implemented makes it a bit weird.
To understand what i mean use the oxygem style and open sound settings, there you will see exactly the same thing you did, but if you take a closer look at the borders you'll notice that they are squared.
If someone some day fix that i'll be happy to add it to kpackagekit :D - Apr 14 2009

Icon Sub-Sets 8 comments

by ultr
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Aug 23 2010
I bet those who don't use kickoff know what they are doing (and that they are using kde), since kickoff is there by default. - Mar 16 2009
Although the icon looks nice, i have to vote no,
The Kde identity is our K if you remove that users begin to say hmm i use fedora desktop
I'm not against branding like theming kdm, splash and window decorations but the K in my task bar is must.
And this was the reason i moved from RH/Fedora/Ubuntu...
The foot of Gnome is the only thing i liked about it and when i saw a red hat there...
Please do other kind of branding, or even add this icon to the splash screen ;) - Mar 09 2009
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Aug 21 2011
Score 80.7%
9   Aug 21 2011