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thomas astleitner
All Core CPU Usage Screenlet

Conky by ashy 8 comments

That one's driving my CPU frequency from 0 to 100! WTH is that thing doing?!? - Jan 28 2008
My IP Screenlet

Conky by Whise 10 comments

Nice idea, but you should consider using system's proxy settings. That's why it's not working here. - Jan 28 2008
Listen Tango Improved

Icon Sub-Sets by Ubuntubox 6 comments

wouldn't be bad idea - Apr 27 2007
Midnite Theme

GTK2 Themes by Midnite 22 comments

... kewl! I've installed it and it looks great! Thanks! - Apr 25 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by hairypalms19 9 comments

Yeah, thanks too for that work! Looks nice! For hosting files you may want to use for example.
Greets! - Apr 25 2007

Wallpaper Other by iridian 2 comments

looks like a pill, viagra for my system!
great work! - Jul 08 2005
Round and Beauty

KDE Plasma Screenshots by richardLH 2 comments

hi richard!
what are that for icons? can't find circles in kde-look, so can you please send me a link?
looks great!!
danube - Jul 08 2005

Wallpaper Other by firsara 3 comments

can you try to pair it with a pinguin? - Jul 08 2005
XP Style Kmenu Button

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by tonywaterman 8 comments

change your girlfriend, not your os style! ;) - Jul 08 2005
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

there are many ways to rome! :)
i've never configured any sudo, it came compiled at installation (btw liveupdate) on my system. so, as you can see, i'm a standard suse user, like the most out there and i don't think that everybody has configured his/her sudo.
but, if i got you, i don't like the idea removing password confirmation from sudo (didn't know that this is possible!), don't you think that'll be a security hole and permits third persons execute root commands?

danube - Jul 08 2005
Wireless Assistant

Network by pnawrocki 287 comments


first of all, you should make a rss list for your application for collecting bug informations, to make announcements or to build a community which helps itself in case of questions and problems.

second, in suse the 'sudo wlassistant' command in kde menu does not work! it does when doing it from console, but kde menu does NOT open up a box for password request.

to get it workin, i've removed sudo so now only the command 'wlassistant' will be made. some fields lower i've activated the option to run it as different user, root. so it is requesting for password and finally opens up program window.

third of all, great application! maybe it's getting part of kde soon! thank you! - Jul 08 2005