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Daniel Uteau , Chile
Dolphin Service Menus
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Jul 26 2017
How could I vote for this idea? It would be really soooooo cool! - Jun 16 2017
Attach to thunderbird

Dolphin Service Menus 38 comments

by danux
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May 25 2014
I think it's: dziekuje? Thank you anyway... added! - Nov 20 2011
Siéntete libre de usarlo en tu blog y redistribuirlo dónde quieras ;)

También añadí tu opción para el ícono de 32 bits de Thunderbird. Lo que sí, ahora habría que editar el archivo .deskop y eliminar la línea correspondiente. Puedes explicar eso en tu blog también (que a todo esto, me pareció muy interesante para usuarios noveles y para avanzados también).

Saludos! - Nov 20 2011
Thanks... also added! - Nov 20 2011
Thanks... added! - Nov 16 2011
if you are completely new to linux, you will have to learn some basics before. Then, on shell run "kde4-config --path services". It will say you where to put the .desktop files. Copy the file in this directory and restart Dolphin. It will vary form distribution to distribution, but it should be something like: ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/

Tell me if it worked. Good luck! - Nov 17 2010
Please, could you also tell me what version of TB, linux and architecture you are using? - Sep 18 2010
Thank you... added! - Sep 17 2010

Thanks. I added the language, but I don't know if [br] is correct, could you tell me?

Second: I have installed the latest Thunderbird and also changed to 64bits architecture, and had the same problem like you. I solved it modifying the command as you wrote. Now I don't know if TB didn't find the attach because it is a new version, or because it is a 64bit version. Could you tell me what version and architecture you're using? - Sep 06 2010
Other languages are accepted, please feel free to post them ;) - Apr 12 2010
You are right, it works much better so I added this modification. Tanks! - Apr 12 2010
Thanks, added! - Apr 12 2010
Thank you. Added you information to the description ;) - Apr 08 2010

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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Jun 06 2009
Liked your service menu. Worked perfect in Mandriva 2010.1

Here the spanish version:

Name[es]=Ejecutar en terminal

Exec[es]=konsole --title=Terminal --noclose -e $SHELL -c "cd %d;sh %f;echo Listo para cerrar."

Name[es]=Ejecutar en terminal (superusuario)

Exec[es]=konsole --title=Terminal --noclose -e $SHELL -c "echo %d;cd %d;kdesudo sh %f;echo ;echo Listo para cerrar." - Dec 02 2010
Compress and Attach

Dolphin Service Menus 12 comments

by danux
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Sep 17 2010
You have good ideas but I was really looking for a simple solution to this task, so if possible, I'll avoid the use of a second file containing the script.

The filename is a challenge, because you can do it by use ark and the parameter --autofilename. The problem is make the servicemenu find the file to attach it... I guess I'll have to do some trys ;) - Dec 02 2010
Ok, thank you for the corrections...

I had to add the sed command to allow multiple files selection for the compression. If it works in your box, it's fine! - Dec 02 2010
Thank you for the translation. I have corrected de tildes problem, tnx... - Apr 29 2009
So you suggest using zip? It's a good idea, but I will have to explore it (never used zip compression, never needed it)... Maybe next version comes with both rar or zip compression. If you could help me with some zip compression commands, it would be great.

Thank you all for your ideas... - Apr 16 2009
Maybe you haven't RAR installed? Be sure to install it first (attention: be sure you have rar, because unrar is only to decompress) - Apr 14 2009
Thunderbird Service Menu

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Apr 09 2010

Just found an error. It doesn't work if Thunderbird isn't opened. So I wrote it again but I put it in a new thread, 'cause it has other commands and so! - Apr 07 2010
Thanks a lot... now it works fine. Added spanish and german translation:
Name[es]=Enviar adjunto con Thunderbird
Name[de]=Verschicken als Anhang - Apr 07 2010

Dolphin Service Menus 26 comments

by Hirs
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Dec 28 2013
I try the script, but it always crushes... it only displays a dialgobox saying "An Error ocurred".... I tryed to run it from Konsole and I get the same error, but no explanation about what could it be... - Apr 29 2009
Simple Root Actions Menu 4

Dolphin Service Menus 2 comments

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Jul 31 2008
It worked perfet for me. I'm using Mandriva 2009 + KDE 4.1.3 - Apr 27 2009
Remove special characters

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May 09 2007
I tried to run it in KDE 4 and din't work, so I modified the .desktop file to:

[Desktop Entry]
X-KDE-Submenu=Recursively remove special characters
X-KDE-Submenu[fr]=Supprimer les caractères spéciaux récursivement
X-KDE-Submenu[es]=Remover caracteres especiales

[Desktop Action Remove_special_characters]
Name=keeping UPPER cases
Name[fr]=en gardant les MAJUSCULES
Name[es]=conservando las MAYÚSCULAS
Exec=~/bin/ %u %n && kdialog --title "Special characters successfully removed" --passivepopup "" 5; echo
Exec[fr]=~/bin/ %u %n && kdialog --title "Les caractères spéciaux ont été supprimés avec succès" --passivepopup "" 5; echo
Exec[es]=~/bin/ %u %n && kdialog --title "Se han removido los caracteres especiales, manteniendo las mayúsculas" --passivepopup "" 5; echo

[Desktop Action Remove_special_characters_lower]
Name=renaming in lower cases
Name[fr]=en renommant en minuscules
Name[es]=renombrar y pasar a minúsculas
Exec=~/bin/ %u %n -lower && kdialog --title "Special characters successfully removed" --passivepopup "" 5; echo
Exec[fr]=~/bin/ %u %n -lower && kdialog --title "Les caractères spéciaux ont été supprimés avec succès" --passivepopup "" 5; echo
Exec[es]=~/bin/ %u %n -lower && kdialog --title "Se han removido los caracteres especiales, cambiando todo a minúsculas" --passivepopup "" 5; echo

By the way I also added Spanish translation.

¡¡Atention KDE4 users!!

You have to put your .desktop file to: ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus

You have to put the .py file to:
~/bin (local bin folder)
or specify the correct location in the path of the .desktop file.

If you have some path problems (like me) you can try to change ~/ to /home/yourname/

Hope this helps someone. - Apr 06 2009