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Ice-WM Themes by Dany-CL 4 comments

my auto-reply:
for the graphics: give a look at the xpms in the folder, icewm themes are the easiest-to-do I know about (though I don't know a lot others :) - Nov 18 2004

Ice-WM Themes by Dany-CL 4 comments


with my little fingers ;-)

Seriously, I'm not sure about the question: I have done the graphics with the Gimp. I work on a new canvas with transparent background, and I cut/delete the bits I want to make transparent (not translucid).
But maybe you asked about icewm. It works well with the 1.2.16 version and above (shaped decorations work in icewm but need to be enabled at compile time in some distros).

Dany-CL - Nov 18 2004
Got Christ?

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 130 comments

yup. You got it right. Thanks for talking clearly. Dany-CL - Oct 09 2003
Berlin - subway station "Suedstern"

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by kness 18 comments

But I should add that the clock is disturbing... because it's visible and not accurate (twice a day it's accurate, I know :) - Oct 07 2003
Berlin - subway station "Suedstern"

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by kness 18 comments

I like the speed effect on the second one and the colors of the shots are warm.
I like it. - Oct 07 2003
Another Background

Wallpaper Other by lpalm 7 comments

but at the left of the word "set" there are round shadows that look like fingerprints... Of course I know they aren't ;)
And I find tux shoud be a lot smaller. Maybe under the word free, just like a signature.
Remember these are only my tastes and I surely have sometimes bad taste.

I like your work anyway.

regards - Aug 23 2003
Umicons 2.0

Icon Sub-Sets by norbalin 68 comments

thanks to you and to the original author! - Jul 30 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by somekool 22 comments

I find this enlightenment theme amazing.
When Enlightenement appeared, years from now, it had a lot of amazing visual tricks that beated anything else under any OS.
Even now, I'm waiting for the next major release.
More, a lot of designers and programmers made revolutionnary themes.
These freedom and genius in themes made a lot of people switch from windows... I did it first just to have the best looking desktop of the time. Then I learned to love other aspects of Linux.
I can understand that some people dislike this theme, but one should recognize the amount of work it needed to accomplish. - Jul 21 2003

Ice-WM Themes by sewan 7 comments

... may I suggest you to change the white color in the title to the same grey color that is under the menu? So that it 'll give a nice effect, just like the menu is going "in" the titlebar. - Jul 10 2003

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by 76FordMaverick 1 comment

I like the "loading" idea.
But the background of the images should be ... white instead of grey, I believe. - Jul 10 2003
problems solved

Wallpaper Other by pmandrake 4 comments

I like it. - Jul 10 2003
KDE Girl 3

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by blakjax57 30 comments

"in case you didn't get it, i only posted this to read the reactions of different people"
May I suggest you this is childish? - Jun 04 2003
GNU GRUB Boot Image

Various Stuff by namaseit 2 comments

How is the drawed GNU anti-aliased and the fonts not?
The Gimp is our friend. - Jun 04 2003
Top Panel Drop Shadow

Karamba & Superkaramba by ntesa 11 comments

Hi This clock is magnificient! Is it karamba-based ? - May 22 2003

Gimp Splashes by rgfree 27 comments

Are you serious? It just make the Gimp look more like a ms-windows app. There is no new fonctionnality. Anyway I see the point of the container. But the comment wasn't very kind to gimp developpers. Cheers. Dany-CL - May 22 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by flikx 11 comments

this is an innovative and fresh idea!

^_^ - May 12 2003

Wallpaper Other by ash933 15 comments

stand for what we believe in.
I am for peace.
I believe this war is for oil.
I won't try to convince anyone.
Everyone should read more than one source of opinion and make its own.

I find it very interesting that the more agressive comment comes from someone who agrees with the ideas of the poster (if I understand correctly, the poster agrees with war). Something to think about!

To come back on topic, I don't like this wallpaper.
It looks like a disco ad, and it doesn't go well with the meaning of the word. You the poster wanted to express a feeling, make people react to something that makes you react. To some people, this is the definition of art. Sorry, not for me. Even if the dictionnary one day says that _this_ is the definition, I will stay with my old definition of art: something that makes me feel good when I see, touch or hear it.
This one definetly doesn't.
sorry, but you asked for it. - Apr 09 2003
Silver XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 62 comments

This is greeeaat!

And for me the big cursors is a good thing because of my laptop (the LCD display makes it hard to see the legacy X pointer).

BTW, the hand pointer didn't please me a lot until I saw it acting.
Now I got a stupid smile on my face ;) - Mar 30 2003
KWinAcqua+DropShadows Debian Sid KDE3.1

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Q3Xr2 6 comments

beat me with a stick.
the answer to my question was there and I wrote my post too fast.
Any way I think that related things should be put together on kde-look , especially things like wallpapers that are posted three times with different resolutions.

Have a nice day all. - Feb 20 2003
KWinAcqua+DropShadows Debian Sid KDE3.1

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Q3Xr2 6 comments

You mean you have reached the shadow-behind-windows-grail ?
I don't have debian, so I can't test.
If your screenshot is not a fake, then you should advertise your work more! that's great!

One more thing: can't others windows have a shadow too? Maybe a thiner one to make a depth effect? - Feb 20 2003
LICQ - Ipaq like Skin

Various Stuff by tagwar 1 comment

it surely needs more work to be perfect, but the idea pleases me. - Jan 17 2003
Web icons for designers

Various Stuff by luman 4 comments

and I hope people don't want to have icons with the name kde, wallpapers with the name kde, splash-screens with the name kde, their dogs with the name kde


Happy new year everyone. - Jan 17 2003
Fire and Wind

Wallpaper Other by ramawarage 2 comments

How did you made it?
It really looks like painting. I find it impressive :) - Dec 27 2002
Iconaty SVG iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by Mohasr 8 comments

If this is your first ones, in my opinion, you have the potential to be one of the best icons makers.
keep on your good job. - Dec 06 2002

Nature by th.cherouny 1 comment

It's really nice on my desktop.
Good work! - Nov 05 2002
Lookin' Forward

Wallpaper Other by EcHo2K 4 comments

I, for one, like your art. (any way, some things can be said twice :) - Oct 17 2002
Lookin' Forward

Wallpaper Other by EcHo2K 4 comments

... about the ratings on since monthes.
Maybe it is just me, but I 'm often not in sync with others.
EcHo2k, I, or one, like your art.
- Oct 17 2002
Green Grass

Wallpaper Other by freakone 2 comments

maybe they need to be "cleaned" a bit. I mean have without the grey color on the cloud, they should look nicer, more funky.

I like it. - Sep 30 2002

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 3 comments

sorry to disagree with the above posters.
It's a matter of taste, after all. - Sep 22 2002

Ice-WM Themes by luci 2 comments

I like the little dots, like in the maximized button. Maybe others buttons can have dots too. - Aug 22 2002
Splash Penguin Light

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by freefred 2 comments

Maybe if you had lines in the back (see the logo on left-top of this page to see what I mean) it will had consystency.
Maybe on the top and the bottom of your picture, but it's just a suggestion.
Anyway I like your work. - Aug 15 2002
Dead Kitten Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by DogFaceMonk 6 comments

and no, it'not the first line which is offending, but the second one.
Oh you say it's funny, just a joke.
If nobody cares, who am I to disagree...

Anyway have a nice day. - Aug 13 2002

Wallpaper Other by ShadowmageIX 1 comment

although I like more "positive" designs, I must say that you are a great artist, in my opinion.
I'd like to see windows decorations with those organic/metallic looks. - Aug 04 2002

KDE 3.5 Themes by Brandybuck 68 comments

an OS. A "real-time" OS, meaning it can react quickly. It's for the embended market. It's free for a personnal use, but if you thought Linux is lacking apps, don't look at QNX! Anyway some apps are available: editor, little browser, compiler, etc.More on . - Jul 01 2002
green tribe

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by mart 14 comments

I like the "moving" effect the background gives the icons. - Jul 01 2002

Various Stuff by detsaot 11 comments

you are kidding, aren't you?
Are you always reacting so quickly?
One is submitting a project, questions are given, I really don't understand why you think , for godsake, that I'm gonna buy a mac just to see an icon jump, as some wm still do it (give a look at windows maker or enlightenment).
Sorry if I seems rude, but I don't find you really funny nor aware of the subject.

Have a nice day
Dany-CL - Jun 22 2002
Gorilla SVG icons

Icon Sub-Sets by simonmacmullen 16 comments

One of the difference between kde and gnome icons lays in the way icons are designed: kde ones have straight borderlines, all with the same thickness, as gnome have more hand-made looking ones, looking like they were drawn with a pencil. Tigert and Jimmac are pro artists and make great contributions to Linux.
As you can see, my tastes lend me to prefer gnome-style icons, more artistic in my opinion, kde ones looking more serious .
But as we say in french, man shall not discuss about tastes and colors :))) - Jun 22 2002
Aqua Ornaments Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dflax 7 comments

- I'd like other colors (orange, for example) as another poster said it.
- sound , paint, tux, folder, microphone icons I'd like to have too.

Good job :)

I really dont understand some ratings on kde-look, but I think that's democracy, as long as no one is cheating.
/end of ranting/ - Jun 22 2002

Various Stuff by detsaot 11 comments

I believe it's the screenshot. It doesn't show anything special. And maybe the description should tell if it _works_ like the apple one, the way icons "jump" on the screen. - Jun 21 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by zeki 2 comments

Did you look into DrakConf (Mandrake Control Center) ? - Jun 17 2002
[@Konqi] Blue Konqi

Wallpaper Other by bubu 3 comments

offtopic, but I don't like this dragoon.
BTW the gnome's foot is awful too :(

but maybe it is just me - Jun 17 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Dany-CL 1 comment

to artificially boost a theme.
So easy to put it down without explanations.
Both attitudes bad. :( - Jun 04 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by dflax 8 comments

how did you manage to do that?
Is the background a real shot or did you use a Gimp plugin ? - May 21 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 28 comments

I was talking about the third screenshot of course.
- May 20 2002
Free Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by tmielnik75 28 comments

Really, it deserves top rating.
Just one thing: I'm not sure about the need for a light at the upper left corner of the icons ( see 2nd screenshot ). Maybe it could be less bright.
Anyway keep on keepin on! - May 19 2002
Logo2Icon Tutorial

Icon Sub-Sets by Markus 6 comments

of the resulting icons, maybe ?
Anyway tutorials are a Good Thing(tm) ! - May 13 2002
europe_splash (KDE3 and kde2)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by toonmuylkens 20 comments

I like your work, the idea is good.
Maybe you could make another splashsreen with the geographic Europe? I mean with a map focusing on Europe, but without frontiers :) . No limits.
So everyone and their dogs and me should be happy :))

Ah btw the word KDE needs a little more work: the K and the D of KDE shouldn't be so close. - May 13 2002
"KDE Girl"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 46 comments

Tell us, is it your own work? - May 11 2002

Ice-WM Themes by Dany-CL 5 comments

my fault. I coded the colors in words (see change.log) and KDE didn't recognize them.
Now it should work.
You can play with the value. They are in Kleen_Model/default.theme at line #73. - May 10 2002
UserFriendly Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 6 comments

I like it too. - May 09 2002