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stiff homelinux
Ubuntu Dragonfly 2

Wallpapers Ubuntu by mhancoc7 6 comments

Wow, such a great picture. My compliments. I'd love to use it as my wallpaper, but I'm running a gentoo machine. It's a pity, there are so many great wallpapers I can't possibly use, because of some stupid logos, which are damaging the picture. Why don't you offer distri-independent pictures, so anyone can use them?
Could you perhaps post the picture again, without any logo on it? Please?

In hope with regards,

DaRenkMan - Jan 12 2008
gnome child

Wallpapers Gnome by DaRenkMan 2 comments

I have to admit, I'm just the guy who converted this amazing wallpaper from 1024x768 to 1280x800, so laptop users also have the chance to enjoy it. Nonetheless I think you're right. - Apr 19 2006