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Dario Rodriguez Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela
Aurora Desktop Environment

Various Gnome Stuff by demom 72 comments

Brave! definively diferent... - Jun 22 2005
Ubuntu Green land

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Artaher 2 comments

That's very cool and fresh. - Jun 20 2005

Wallpaper Other by linickx 3 comments

I think it's beautiful but could you post a version without text please?
:D - Jun 20 2005
Menu Enhancement (Idea only!)

Various Gnome Stuff by who 23 comments

That's a good, but "all programs" menu is too XP-like. If you change it to "applications" it sounds more like gnome. Just do it more linux-like. - Jun 12 2005
wet boatwindow

Wallpaper Other by leinad 3 comments

Excellent foto and good retouching work. - Jun 12 2005
Aurora Desktop Environment

Various Gnome Stuff by demom 72 comments

What about to integrate a complete desktop search engine, like google or yahoo, with the file browser?

And I think you can mix good features of various OS's like start panel from XP and multiple desktops like Gnome/KDE, inclusive the OSX file browser. - Jun 05 2005
Darton iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by dariorodt 5 comments

Sorry! I just didn't know wich category to select. - Jun 04 2005

GDM Themes by berlinerkindl 6 comments


- May 27 2005
Tierra Santa

GDM Themes by nashansalon 2 comments

it's a very good work... - May 05 2005

Wallpaper Other by Miroslaus 1 comment

Just better than the gray one... - Apr 08 2005

Wallpapers Ubuntu by jax2000 3 comments

Style and technique - - Mar 30 2005
Warty Final 7SINS Colorful Series

Wallpaper Other by Sevensins 3 comments

Repair the link please! - Mar 30 2005

Wallpaper Other by jax2000 1 comment

The efect behind the gnome word si very original... - Mar 27 2005
Swirly Ubuntu SVG

Wallpapers Ubuntu by volvoguy 5 comments

I would apreciate smaller screenshots. May be 320x240 - Mar 26 2005
Gnome Show

Wallpapers Gnome by dariorodt 4 comments

Ok. Now, the .svg in into de zip. - Mar 26 2005
Gnome Show

Wallpapers Gnome by dariorodt 4 comments

Yep! sorry - Mar 22 2005
Fractal julia

Wallpaper Other by kamathln 3 comments

What software did you use to do this fractal? - Mar 22 2005

Wallpaper Other by thelonecabbage 1 comment

looks good! - Mar 15 2005

Wallpaper Other by fibermarupok 3 comments

I really think that's not a good message, but, mm... what about the balance and simmetry? - Mar 12 2005
HiContrast curves

Wallpaper Other by kamathln 2 comments

Well done! I hope to see a 1024 version soon! - Mar 12 2005
Simple Gnome Wallpaper

Wallpapers Gnome by fibermarupok 6 comments

Simple is better - Mar 09 2005
GDM debian white

GDM Themes by rafa 2 comments

Wow! just what i've looking for. Please! make a matching wallpaper. - Mar 01 2005

Wallpapers Debian by Kizna 1 comment

I like the sphere and the array with Debian word. I think that the back ground color is too much unsatured. My modest opinion, of course. Well done however. - Feb 24 2005

Wallpapers Gnome by dariorodt 4 comments

Thanks for your sugestion. For the next versiĆ³n ;) - Feb 20 2005
Debian Freezy

Wallpapers Debian by loemmel 2 comments

that is, thankyou very much... - Feb 15 2005

Wallpaper Other by etur 2 comments

it's incredible, the effect in amazing. - Feb 14 2005

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 4 comments

And the shark was microsoft... - Feb 10 2005
Brush of your computer - Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by czd23 6 comments

it's suppose to be a more pleasent view.

sorry for my bad english! - Feb 06 2005
Gentoo Freezy

Wallpaper Other by loemmel 4 comments

I hope you plan to make one with debian curl :) - Feb 04 2005
Gentoo Freezy

Wallpaper Other by loemmel 4 comments

Great. Its very impressive. - Feb 04 2005

Wallpaper Other by mpetzoldt 3 comments

I realy think it's a great work, the one with bars no much, but the other...
... Congrats - Jan 11 2005
Soft Leaf

GTK2 Themes by ericbobbitt 4 comments

... I love green color. - Jan 07 2005