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Dark Water Barcelona, Spain
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Feb 20 2009
(((( I hate the gnome panel theming. Hope somebody do something for be able to modify the panel by the engine ))) - Feb 11 2009
It is from deviant art web. - Feb 11 2009
Well, theme doesn't crash with compiz but metacity draws incorrectly. Seems to be some kind of bug by compiz because the higlight line of button zone is drawn with twice of width. This doesn't happens with the metacity without compiz. - Jan 04 2009
err.. i see that other metacity themes crash too.. this can be my computer.. - Jan 04 2009
Mmm.. Now i see that compiz crashes with the new version!!. ┬┐What's the problem now?!!
- Jan 04 2009
next release will improve it and will be the 1.0. - Jan 03 2009
Yes the highlights are uncentered. - Dec 30 2008
The text is centered in the same way that the last beta, using variables of width and height of the title bar, but it is posible that the less size of it make the initial errors be more evident.

Also it's possible that buttons are not exactly centered, but the problem with the text width... Don't know if understand you. (Some times think i need a course of english for dummies) - Dec 30 2008

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Dec 29 2008
very very nice.. cool - Dec 29 2008

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Dec 22 2008
I don't know how solve this. It seems that it's an incorrect use of colours of firefox not compatible with standard variables for colors, so dark themes looks bad.
I will investigate it, but inmediate solution is not posible. - Nov 20 2008
Try to select it in button personalize. Choose the theme in controls and window borders. - Nov 14 2008
Shiki Dark

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Nov 03 2008
murrine is the best. - Nov 03 2008
mm.. ok, no glossy buttons - Nov 03 2008
OUCH!!! - Nov 03 2008
gtk2-engine-pixbuf (Patched)

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May 27 2008
You can do something for use the pixmap engine for the entire panel?

So it would be posible make themes for the panel independent of the panel size.

It would be nice.

Saludos. - May 27 2008
Murrina Redmond

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by paraboy

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Apr 12 2009
Murrina Dreadful

GTK2 Themes
by paraboy

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Apr 12 2009