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KDE 3.x Splash Screens
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XP WTF Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by darren 2 comments

No, there is no script involved.

Why did I do this splash screen? Well...
I saw three fresh wallpapers on kde-look's front page - a Suse, MDK and (this) XP. I thought if people liked the wallpaper - they may like a splash screen to accompany it. I thought if I did them quickly, they would appear near to the wallpapers on the list and people would find them handy to get.

Why would people want this theme/Why have I created it?
Why was the KDE Win2k icon set made/released? I guess it's because there are some people who just simply want their computer to look like windows (for whatever reason). - Aug 09 2004
Konqi-SuSE Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by darren 4 comments

I created the splash screens in a batch - I was just going to put one up (my distro - MDK) and add a comment telling people there were additional distro themes available on my site. I didn't want to force people to use my site/take them away from
Yours is a good idea, excepting the download would be 1mb instead of a 100kb and people may not want eight splash screens when they simply want suse, for example.
I'm sorry if you think I am spamming, I'm not.
I have held back on some of the splash screens I have made - for example, I did not post the twenty+ nationalities, instead opting for two or three with a comment indicating there were more available.
Some of my creations are available only through as I don't want to flood the channel too much - maybe it's time kde-look added a preferences/fixed feature allowing more than ten items to be shown. - Aug 07 2004