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Sep 08 2005
KNerworkConf is a network configuration tool ;) KGentooConf will be a general configuration tool. With plugins you will be able to edit any configuration text file. - Sep 11 2005
Added downloads of your eBuilds at the project web page ;) - Sep 09 2005
Thanx for your contribution. - Sep 09 2005
KGentooConf is dependant of QT and isn't from KDE. So I only use QT widgets.
I don't have time to see your work: my monitor crash last day so I will buy another in a few days... so KGentooConf development is stoped (only a few days!! ;))
Regards. - Jul 28 2005
Hi smileaf.

Thanx a lot for your contribution.

I sent you an e-mail few days ago to answer your two e-mails. Didn't you received?

Regards. - Jul 27 2005
Nice idea with combo. Usually, a user only have one or two network cards, and KGentooConf can add more cards from Extra section, but I think that with a combo box its a result more easy.

And nice idea with remote control, too. But this is a far, far future ;)

Thanx a lot.

Regards. - Jul 25 2005
Which end of line have you before? KGentooConf eliminates all end of lines with the form \ before save first time. KGentoo works and saves multilines in one line.
Thanx. - Jul 19 2005
KGentooConf is in very, very earlier version. A lot of changes in GUI are in my mind and a lot of new features to work with all configuration files for Gentoo Linux... But this is a lot of work and I am newbie in QT...
Stay tunned! :)
Thanx for your recomendations. - Jul 19 2005
Thanx a lot for the patch.
USE parser works fine with lines ends in \. Another style of end of line? - Jul 19 2005
Maybe ;) KGentooConf is a global (in the future) configuration tool. Kuroo only works with portage. Thanx. - Jul 19 2005
Download is ok now. - Jul 18 2005