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david augustin

Cinnamon Themes 4 comments

Score 62.0%
Oct 03 2015
Nicely done theme! I like it even more because it fits well with the Vertex gtk theme. I would like to customize two things for my convenience: to change the color of that two pixel grey line on the bar and I would like the desktop dimmed at show windows action (when cursor at screen corner). Is there a simple way to do that? Where should I modify? Many thanks! - Oct 04 2015

VLC Skins 24 comments

Score 80.0%
Sep 18 2015
I tried other vlc skins and to my surprise they all behave the same so perhaps that's nothing wrong with your theme and there's something with my settings on Ubuntu 15.04. - Sep 04 2015
Unfortunately I can’t use it on Ubuntu with Unity desktop because it does not maximize properly, the top universal menu bar of Unity is still shown when vlc is in fullscreen mode and the lower part of the skin where the video control buttons are located is offscreen. - Sep 03 2015
Great work, i feel like my past years have been wasted for I did not have this skin on desktop. I reckon this skin will be an instant success. You should be awarded a design award or something like that. Awesome! - Aug 30 2015
Vertex - Theme

GTK3 Themes 159 comments

Score 76.2%
Sep 09 2017
Hello again, I guess I found a small issue in the latest Geary application 0.10.0. The name of the currently selected mail folder (Inbox, drafts, send,...) is not shown properly. I'm on Linux Mint 17.1 so i guess it's gtk3.10. - May 29 2015
That did it, thanks. Does this also work for gtk2 apps ? (look at the settings window for easytag mp3 tagger) - Apr 22 2015
I was wondering if you would help me to customize your theme a bit. I would like to change the colour of the grey frames which indicate a separate settings section like one can see in the settings window of tilda terminal emulator. If you open this window, under the “General” tab you can see separate sections surrounded by a grey line named “Window display”, “Terminal display”, “Font” and others. Can you indicate for me some gtk2/gtk3 properties/attributes in order to change the colour of these lines without affecting too much of the rest of the theme? In my humble opinion these kind of lines do make gtk apps look very much inconsistent and cluttered and, because of poor app design, in some apps, they do show as a double line and sometimes as triple one and that’s truly horrible. I am using Linux Mint 17.1 so i guess have gtk3.10. Thank you so much for your theme. - Apr 21 2015

GTK3 Themes 41 comments

Score 74.9%
Jul 11 2013
Excellent work. Appreciated. Found a small issue with the Cinnamon desktop: inside the default System Settings, the buttons from the bottom of the window (Switch to advanced mode, Close) are visible because of the text, otherwise there is no indication there is button. - Dec 16 2013
MediterraneanNight Series

GTK3 Themes 264 comments

Score 74.3%
Jun 20 2013
...there another issue with the Cinnamon desktop: inside the default System Settings, the buttons from the bottom of the window (Switch to advanced mode, Close) are only visible with the text. - Dec 15 2013
Excellent theme, looking very professional. The only small issue i found is in vlc player, more preciselly in the Adjustments and Effects window available when pressing ctrl+e or from the Tools menu. If one looks close enough will see there is a small offset just under the window's top border under the close window button(if he has the window buttons on the right). Excellent work, congratulations. - Dec 15 2013
Vertex - Theme

GTK3 Themes
by horst3180

Score 76.2%
9   Mar 12 2016

Cinnamon Themes
by Brahimsalem

Score 62.0%
9   Oct 04 2015

VLC Skins
by elementarius

Score 80.0%
9   Aug 30 2015

MDM Themes
by sam0hack

Score 67.1%
9   May 17 2015