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luis davim
Wacom Control Panel

System Software by qb89dragon 303 comments

Will the PPA be updated for Maverick? - Oct 19 2010
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

This is great.
Only two problems, there should be an option to truncate the window title to a certain number of characters and it should be able to get the buttons from the actual theme instead of using themes... - Oct 14 2010
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

Various Gnome Stuff by qb89dragon 381 comments

will you post this on

you could setup a ppa repository there. - Jun 26 2008
Screenlets 0.1.2

Conky by Whise 18 comments

It's always great to know that a new version of screenlets is out and that this project is getting better all the time :)

you've been doing a great work maintaining and improving screenlets.

I hope one day this project gets officially integrated into Gnome.

But it's sad and really bad that you are thinking of abandoning screenlets development :(

WHY? - Jun 04 2008