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Davor D Koper, Slovenia

GTK2 Themes by kreator 38 comments

Thumbs up for this theme! Finally a dark theme, that has it all - even an OO fix!

Just one request: would it be possible to unlock the color management of the theme, cause I've got a problem with the text color being a bit too dark for me...or maybe if you could suggest how to remedy for that?

Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing! - Feb 26 2010
Zafir Mod

Beryl/Emerald Themes by davor1 2 comments

Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure for the KDE part though...Is this some default KDE theme, or do you mean it's also found on KDE-looks?

About KDE being better...some other time on some other forum :)

Anyway thanks again for your comment, appreciate it! - Jul 02 2008
Vienna 3

Cursors by sour 39 comments

Thanks for the help and A LOT OF THANKS for the theme. It's awsome! To tell you the truth I tried the way you explained ever before the first post, but overlooked the "without-icon" cursor theme... Damn got to get those glasses the doctor is telling me I need :)

Again voted excelent and thanks again :)
- Jun 13 2008
Vienna 3

Cursors by sour 39 comments

By the looks of it should be a very nice cursor theme but...
I followed the instructions posted earlier for ubuntu (I use gutsy), but can't install the theme as a cursor theme. Dropping the .tar.gz over the Apperance window/first tab indicates the theme has been successfully installed, but it shows among the icons themes (as a name only entry) not among the cursors. I've then looked at the tarball and noticed the file is index.theme, and inside the bracketed text says [Icons Theme] (first line). I don't know much about this things but it looks wrong to me... Could you please help, I'm really looking forward to using the theme.
Thanks! - Jun 13 2008
Sunrise at a Mountain

Mountains by culiz 3 comments

Already in my wallpaper collection :)
Thanks again!
- Jun 02 2008
Sunrise at a Mountain

Mountains by culiz 3 comments

Not a mountain lover myself (too cold:), but this photo is GREAT! Only one problem with it...not in 1680x1050 (widescreen) resolution :)
Would it be possible to upload the pic in such a resolution?

Thanks and again great photo! - May 29 2008
Sunset in Ankaran, Slovenia

Wallpaper Other by theone93 2 comments

Can you please tell where you took the photo? Been living here all my life and don't seem to remember ever seeing a landscape like this. Given the suspended boat in the bottom-right corner one would think of Savudria, Croatia?
- May 02 2008