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Windows 10 Latte Layout

Latte Layouts by fkorpsvart 18 comments

How about the wallpapers from (the current) screenshots 3 & 4? - Feb 17 2021
Dang, 32x32 is unusable in 4K resolution as it's practically invisible. I prefer 80x80 in 4K resolution but almost no cursors I've ever seen here are that high of resolution. :( - Jan 23 2021
Candy icons

Full Icon Themes by eliverlara 222 comments

I don't have a Github account but would appreciate icons for QMMP & YaST. - Oct 23 2020
Window Title Applet

Plasma 5 Applets by Psifidotos 95 comments

I could have sworn one used to be able to disable the icon in the applet. I no longer see the option. Was this option removed at some point? - Dec 03 2019
Pitch Black

Global Themes by freefreeno 4 comments

Thanks. This is nice work.
Wallpaper? - Jun 04 2019
Latte Dock

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by Psifidotos 324 comments

Thought I would post this in case it is helpful to anyone else.

I was just about to ask someone if they could tell me how copy a dock/panel so that I can have an identical one on another screen. I found it myself though at the last minute:
Go to Dock/Panel setting
Click on the dropdown arrow next to + New Dock
Click copy
Then under Location, select the screen you want it to be on - Feb 16 2019
Window AppMenu Applet

Plasma 5 Applets by Psifidotos 93 comments

Thank you for the reply and information. - Feb 16 2019
Window AppMenu Applet

Plasma 5 Applets by Psifidotos 93 comments

I installed this and it is working as expected for everything except Firefox. Is this a packaging issue with my distro? (KaOS Linux) - Feb 16 2019
Minimal Menu

Plasma 5 Menus by jnuutinen 25 comments

Would love the ability to change the icon size. On my 4K display, I feel the icons are too large for my taste.
- Feb 16 2019

Full Icon Themes by Cybernix 825 comments

Thank you. - Nov 19 2018
Turquoise Blue

Plasma Themes by l4k1 5 comments

Would like to know those four wallpapers second screenshot, please. - Nov 19 2018

Full Icon Themes by Cybernix 825 comments

Could you make icons for these three apps, please? Thank you.
(Breeze icon for reference:
(Midna icon for reference: - Nov 18 2018