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Isaiah Heyer , United States of America
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Full Icon Themes 595 comments

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Sep 05 2017
An multimedia-player icon would be awesome, if you want to make one. - Jan 20 2011
Could you add a gPodder icon? - Dec 22 2010

Metacity Themes 50 comments

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Mar 11 2010
Synaptic looks terrible if you don't install the theme in /usr/share/themes.
Any program run as root doesn't have access to themes saved in ~/.themes

So just copy the theme to /usr/share/themes - May 12 2010
Yes, this theme will work on lucid out of the box. - Mar 13 2010
Extract Lucidity-Chrome.tar.gz and inside the folder there will be a file called Lucidity.crx. Drag and drop this into google-chrome. - Mar 11 2010
Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to make rounded tooltips. - Mar 11 2010
Done! Tell me what you think. - Mar 11 2010
I just uploaded 0.6.1 which now contains a README file explaining how to install. Also see my previous post ^^ - Mar 08 2010
The tar.gz contains a folder which contains 3 folders, 2 of them (Lucidity and Lucidity Border) you can drag and drop into the Appearances dialog. - Mar 08 2010
I made a version that has that now. - Feb 12 2010
Thanks, that works for me. Could you post the gtkrc? - Feb 11 2010
Your link is broken. - Feb 11 2010
Minimize is there. Do you mean "restore"? Right now that uses the same icons as maximize. - Feb 07 2010
Sticker Style Empathy Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 5 comments

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Feb 18 2010
+1 - Apr 08 2010
The Widget Laboratory

Various Gnome Stuff 21 comments

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Mar 24 2010
I made a mistake when I packaged it. I'll upload the corrected .debs soon but in the meantime you can just "sudo apt-get install python-metacity" and it will work. - Mar 24 2010
What Distro/Version are you using? Also could you file this bug here: - Mar 24 2010
I don't think I can make TWF preview gnome-panel, but the suggestion about scrollbars is a good one and I'll fix that. - Mar 24 2010
I just installed Fedora 12 in a virtualbox and after installing gnome-libs, gnome-python2-metacity and dbus-libs it works for me. - Feb 11 2010
See this bug report: - Feb 09 2010
No. The Widget Factory only previews Gtk themes and this previews both Gtk and Metacity themes.

Also, to update the preview in the Widget Factory (ie you made some changes to the gtkrc) you have to select a different theme and then re-select the theme you were editing. This monitors the *rc files and updates automatically. Also you can load any .glade file to preview on. - Feb 05 2010
Vibration PREVIEW

GTK2 Themes 31 comments

by metak
Score 50.0%
May 12 2010
I like it, it's a very good start.
However, I think that the background to the metacity buttons blends in with the rest of the window border too much. - Mar 06 2010
Homosapien Metacity Customizer 0.4.5

Metacity Themes 98 comments

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Mar 17 2010
FYI metacity themes don't have button order as an option, that is a global setting in metacity. So making this an option in your customizer isn't possible. - Feb 11 2010

Metacity Themes 2 comments

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Nov 12 2008 - Feb 10 2010
New Wave Circles

Metacity Themes 8 comments

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Dec 23 2008
I reminds me of a certain emerald theme
that I loved but emerald is problematic.
So this is the best of both worlds.

I didn't like New Wave's metacity so this makes the theme much better.

My only gripe is the buttons prelight.
Guess I'll just modify it to my liking:D - Apr 29 2009
Mario Landscape

Landscapes 5 comments

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Jul 26 2007
Love this wallpaper. - May 16 2008

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

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Dec 22 2010
Score 58.0%
Apr 08 2010
Score 62.5%
Feb 11 2010