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by dborg
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Aug 06 2006
Thanks! :) Maybe I'll try to finish it on the Lua engine (so I have a motivation to finish the Lua engine as well). - Apr 12 2007
It's Tango-M, you could get it from bvc's site ( IIRC), but it seems to be down. - Apr 12 2007
There isn't anything in particular from ubuntulooks that I want to keep, I just want to keep the dependency so I don't have to re-implement everything. Of course if it would turn out at some point that ubuntulook isn't used anymore, I would remove the dep.

So I wouldn't mind doing a new button design, but only if I see a great mockup or have an inspiration for something that I like better than the current ubuntulooks design.

"could lessen the glass effect on the metacity buttons and titlebar (smoothing it out) and ditch the highlight but....
then there's another gradient/glass on the scrollbar...."

I think the buttons should definitely keep their glass effect. In general, maybe a good rule of thumb would be to use the glass effect only for dark elements or at least to keep it almost invisible on light elements (similar to the ubuntulooks buttons).

I'm very open to suggestions (especially mockups). My main intention for Mirage is for it to be a fun and unique theme and to invite experimentation. - Aug 16 2006
The effect on SELECTED still looks smoother to me, but it's almost perfect now! - Aug 14 2006
Thanks a lot! :) - Aug 13 2006
Great work! :) I just think that the glass effect on the NORMAL version is too strong for the bright color, so it doesn't look believable. I'd like it better as it is on the inactive windows from the SELECTED version. Also I think the button prelight effect should be more subtile on unfocused windows (keeping them white, just adding saturation). - Aug 13 2006
Not yet, but it will be in the next release. Just out of curiousity (since everybody seems to be requesting this), what color would you all want to change the scrollbar to? - Aug 11 2006
The menubar in synaptic turns inactive because it is set to insensitive by the application, that is not the same as an unfocused window. Unfortunately only the window manager seems to be aware of which window is focused. - Aug 09 2006
Scrollbar colors will be themable in the next release. - Aug 08 2006
Yeah, but it does look nice. I actually think that unfocused windows look best right now. For compiz I was envisoning a light color for both focused and unfocused windows, mainly using transparency to indicate the unfocused windows.

If you have any other ideas, please try them.

Of course it would be awesome if I could disable the menubar glow for unfocused windows, but AFAIK there is no way to do that. - Aug 08 2006
Hm, I don't like that very much and I don't think it would look good on a light background. But I am thinking about adding a new button style, just need something really nice. Too fancy button styles rarely look good in Gtk themes, since they appear a _lot_ on the screen (and there is no separation between "pushbuttons" and normal buttons as on OS X). - Aug 08 2006
I like the text outline, although it appears a bit weird on the bright background. Maybe the highlight could be toned down a bit. For the buttons, have you tried to make the outline a little transparent? - Aug 07 2006
That looks great, I'll add the screenshot if you don't mind.

I think I'll adaot those changes in the next release. Would you want the metacity theme to become the official one? - Aug 07 2006
Oh you mean the normal menus, I was thinking about the menubar now. Yes, that could be tried. Currently I use murrine for the menus since I haven't even implemented those yet. - Aug 07 2006
What do you mean? - Aug 06 2006
"Here's a quick hack on Murrine Metacity."

Yes, _that_ is nice indeed. I assumed robsta meant to make titlebar and menubar appear as one element.

"where is the color for the scrollbar and listheaders set?"

Scrollbar is hardcoded right now, tree headers are in the "tree" style.

"Also look at the rhythmbox main bg gradient. It didn't like being resized."

Indeed, but it fixes itself when being resized manually. Probably just a little Gtk rendering glitch, since it is not used to having to update a background image. - Aug 06 2006
I know, it's the typical kind of problems you get from the way those applications are faking the look of Gtk. It works only as long as themes don't do anything unusual... A workaround would be to chose a theme for those applications which does not emulate the look of Gtk. - Aug 06 2006
Thanks. Yes the fullscale gradient in the background obviously slows things down a bit while resizing, but I believe it is quite acceptable compared to themes who tried the same with pixmaps before. Not a theme for low resources though. :) - Aug 06 2006
"I think you can encorporate the features from Ubuntu look and Murrine engine into your, so you don't have to have dependancy on them."

Yeah I could, but I'm too lazy to do all the careful copy and pasting. :) Also people might want to mix different elements anyway, so I don't really see the value of adding the exact same elements to mirage which can already be gotten from another engine. I'd rather add original elements to add more choice. There are actually some elements in the engine which are not used by the included themes (mainly buttons). - Aug 06 2006
The problem is that you can't know whether a window has a menubar or not, so how do you design the window decoration to look good in any case? I think it might also be a little overkill. Of course everyone should feel free to experiment. - Aug 06 2006
Thanks, credits go to remenic for the text shadows code. My hope is that this menubar style will become popular with new themes. :)

I hate autoconf... It doesn't seem to need for me, I'll see that it's proper in the next release. - Aug 06 2006
The colors are like that on purpose, I wanted to add some contrast to the menubar in those themes. The "brown" is actually meant to be close to the Ubuntu orange.

Firefox breakage is expected and I doubt that it can be fixed easily. - Aug 06 2006

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by doeb
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Dec 04 2006
...the white makes it not very suitable as a desktop background. - Dec 04 2006

Metacity Themes 16 comments

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Oct 10 2006
"It's inspired to Clearlooks in a way, but it is cleaner and doesn't draw the black outlines, useless when you have shadows ;)"

I beg to differ, the border looks rather bad to me. Shadows can make borders look more realistic, but they aren't necessarily a replacement for it.

However, it would probably look much better without the jagged corners and without the lightblue border on the top-right.

This is what I would consider a perfect "borderless" look:

Notice how at the top the highlight line is contrasted with a very noticable transparent shadow line around the border. Our eyes hardly notice it as a border, it just looks smooth and realistic.

I'm not saying this to sound negative, I just think we should pay more attention to details and strive for the best possible results. - Oct 11 2006
Agreed, metacity theme support for compiz only really makes sense with the new features in V2 of the metacity theme spec IMO. - Oct 11 2006
Suede Wave

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Oct 03 2006
I think there isn't much to comment, it's just good. :) Logos would only make it less useful IMO, I never understood the point of those. - Sep 28 2006
Wombat Blue

Compiz Themes 10 comments

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Oct 22 2006
Yes they do, unfortunately they are better than anything we (or even Apple) have been able to come up with.

Playing with the compizthemer settings is easy, but creating a really new and attractive button design is not. - Sep 19 2006
RGS - Root Green Square

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

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Jul 03 2008
This theme has character, very tasteful composition. - Sep 12 2006