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Fred Clarke
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba by Matti 1797 comments

I'm not sure why you are even bothering to respond Matti. Ok, maybe once because you are a nice guy (hell, you took the time to create one of the best KDE widgets and then give it away!).

I guess free isn't good enough for some. Next you'll be asked to make house calls to install it. - Feb 25 2006
Silver XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 62 comments

Yea, I had the same problem with SUSE on two different machines. Worked on those machines with Mandriva, so this cursor set and SUSE definitely don't get along.

Pity. The silver set goes really well with many themes, and the Gold is awsome with green themes. - Feb 25 2006