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cj kelley
Compiz Reflection Pack

Compiz Themes by ElTimo 20 comments

WOW! Anything better then computer porn is that lol - Dec 13 2008
Vista theme with glass effect

Beryl/Emerald Themes by abhinavhardikar 8 comments

Awsome! Looks even more cooler with the fire effect >:) - Jul 07 2008
Die Hard 4.0 - Matthew Farrel's theme (E

Beryl/Emerald Themes by DARKGuy 59 comments

dont press the delete key lol - Jun 19 2008

Compiz Themes by MrTricorder 4 comments

well im using an ubuntu aurora as my wallpaper. but when i move the inactive windows over some of the active windows, its kinda hard to see the inactive text (cause most of my active windows have a white background)
- Dec 17 2007

Compiz Themes by MrTricorder 4 comments

very nice theme. I modded it though. i added a blue highlight to the active window and a gray text to the inactive window (which made it a bit easier to read).

would you like me to post the modded version? - Dec 16 2007
Big 3d Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by nolamb 2 comments


good job - Nov 02 2007
Smokey Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes by debiani386 2 comments

Thank you :) Hope you enjoy it - Oct 28 2007

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Paul820 1 comment

mmm. looks like chocolate in the background - Aug 26 2007
Windows Vista Logon

GDM Themes by RAMBOZ 3 comments

looks nothing like the windows vista login.

the windows vista login had a kind of "aurora" (pardon my spelling) background and all the different accounts were centered and it didnt have the windows logo where it is (sorry, but i once used windows vista...) - Aug 21 2007
XP Login GDM

GDM Themes by finchair 23 comments

To some people who are new to ubuntu, having a distro that looks like XP can be very helpful to them especially since this may be there first time using ubuntu, let alone a linux distro. The GNOME interface may be confusing to some (since it looks a lot different then windows). In gnome, there is no start button and lots of windows users who are just switching over may get confused by this.

Furthermore, There are probably some people out there who like the look of Windows, but hate the way that windows performs. - Aug 15 2007
XP Login GDM

GDM Themes by finchair 23 comments

i think this GDM theme looks nice. - Aug 15 2007

Metacity Themes by Cuvou 32 comments

i really like this theme. thank you so much. - Aug 10 2007