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Nu_amaroK mookup

Various Stuff by musicmaker 14 comments

For many programs, it'd be nice if they had a button that switches between minimalistic and complete functionality views. - Nov 25 2006

KDE Plasma Screenshots by YaSMiN0 5 comments

You run mldonkey as root?!

It is extremely unwise to run networking programs as root, since a programming or even scripting error can easily lead to a full system compromise. You should be careful, especially when using large programs with complex networking code such as mldonkey. - Mar 31 2006

GDM Themes by christina 14 comments

I don't think anybody ever stated that girls would not be allowed to enjoy the opposite sex. The male to female ratio on the average 'geek' website might present itself as a quite natural bias towards scandily clad women, though. Personally, I think it's rather weird and confusing to vote on themes based on the bodies of people in backgrounds and screenshots -- what is being voted on? -- and thus I refrain from voting.

About censoring -- I suppose we are all victims when such a thing is deemed necessary. - Mar 07 2006
sexy naked

GDM Themes by Perrito 2 comments

Weird angle, but very nice light. Own work? - Sep 20 2005
Fallen Angel

GDM Themes by depesz 7 comments

Once again... it's an artwork by Luis Royo. Airbrushed, I presume. - Sep 20 2005
be different

Wallpaper Other by arctic 3 comments

That's a given, typo-man... That's a given. - Sep 16 2005

Metacity Themes by roberTOstudiOS 18 comments

Could be a Zapf Humanist/Optima/Optimum variant, the 'T' and 'c' look quite typical, but I'm not sure. The fontsize on the screenshot is a bit small to see the details. - Sep 16 2005
Configuration experience level

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 34 comments

No disrespect to the attempt, but I don't think it's wise at all. It will make the whole thing complex and inconsistent for either beginning or advanced users. And it will stop users from learning and discovering options that they hadn't thought of first.

Moreover, it will make way for the Gnome no-options kind of philosophy where all the so-called 'advanced' stuff will disappear into a halfass registry system.

I think there are two kinds of people. People who don't care and don't want to know, by far the biggest group; and people who check every option to customise it.

For the former group, there should be sane defaults, and perhaps a smart first-time wizard to configure the startup page or such. They're just not going to check the settings anyway; I've personally never seen computer-ignorant users mess with browser preferences by themselves or even click any menu option they don't know (Sadly enough tons of shortcuts and productivity tools go wasted on the masses.). On top of that all, nobody knows which options are important to beginning users and which should be hidden.

The latter group of more advanced users who are willing to understand options and customise settings, want the full preferences window anyway.

Hey, it's a browser, not a CAD program, and you're talking about the preferences window, which many of users never see at all, or perhaps once to set things up. Who wants to maintain a multi-leveled structure or two interface windows for the same thing?! Stop making it complex and bloated. - May 25 2005
Configuration experience level

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 34 comments

No, it's not. Radiobuttons are not used for indirect GUI changes. It's not intuitive, and it doesn't ingrate visually either.

Even a dropdown would be better.

The best thing would be tabs, but that would require a redesign of the whole config interface. - May 25 2005
Charisma Carpenter

People by o6n 28 comments

Perhaps Ingrid likes to use Linux? Naked? Use your fantasy, man. - Jan 27 2005

GTK2 Themes by w-Tarchalski 39 comments

No, it doesn't rock, it's quite steady, really. - Dec 27 2004

Wallpaper Other by illusion 2 comments

xtc, you mean. - Dec 27 2004
be different

Wallpaper Other by arctic 3 comments

I really look forward to being a completely different person -someone of substance perhaps?- with this wallpaper.

Will that new me be even more sarcastic? I can only hope. - Jul 27 2004