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Andre Rebelo Florianópolis, Brazil
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Aqua Joy

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Aug 17 2008
Hey man!

Goood job!! I like changing and editing themes too... But you make better job... =P

Congratulations! o/ - Aug 30 2008
Greenome Hardy

GTK2 Themes 15 comments

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Aug 10 2008
hello my friend!

the firefox icon is in the oxygen refit package avaliable in this site. But all package have more or less 30Mb. if you wish only firefox icon, maybe i can send for e-mail to you.
- Aug 19 2008
Obrigado amigo!

estou usando o tema metalcity theme intuition. consegui este tema aqui mesmo no gnome-look.

obridao mais uma vez. - Aug 19 2008
Saaaalve wasp!

estou pensando na opção... =p


abraço! - Aug 04 2008
Hello friend!

I'm starting in linux yet...
I don't know GTK work in esmerald...

Was made in Gnome desktop. I'm using ubuntu Hardy Heron.


Maybe someone know if this works... =P

But thanks for you contact.

- Aug 04 2008

GTK2 Themes 9 comments

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Aug 24 2008
was had posted here...


=P - Aug 13 2008

you're right... i'm forgot this details... =P

but we're here "reading" more sugestions. =P
always can be better...

tks dude! - Aug 10 2008

i'm made big realy... next version i make small....
you say resize with same aspect? or resize only one side?

tks one more time!

- Aug 10 2008

any sugestion, can tell-me! no problems!


tks again! - Aug 10 2008
Greenome Wallpaper

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Aug 02 2008
i'm not test how GDM and i'm not adventured in GDM themes yet... =P

now my work consume all my time free. i need more time to make new themes and ats... =D

anything we're here... =P

tks - Aug 10 2008
i'm using icons oxygen-green. =p

great visual with this... =p

tks for coments..

=D - Aug 10 2008

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Aug 04 2008
have my vote! =p
- Aug 04 2008
The Way

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Aug 03 2008
very great job!

add in my wallpaper list!

=P - Aug 03 2008
Greenome Hardy

Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Aug 02 2008
add to wallpaper list.

:P - Aug 02 2008