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Daniel Stubbs Galloway, United States of America
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Karmic Koala Evolution

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Nov 21 2009
cute! - Nov 22 2009
Padster's Gimp Splash Pack

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Nov 20 2009
Thank you for hosting it on the spammiest, crappiest file host ever. Not only did i get popups (how......) It nearly blew my speakers with their loud flash adds.

Dropbox or gtfo

Before people tell me to use adblocker. NO. - Nov 22 2009

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Dec 30 2007
I fix all of this in spurts.. Unfortunately the GNOME DE has about a MILLION icons and is a little out of hand.

Fixes are coming, slowly but surely. - Dec 30 2007
working on that now. - Dec 25 2007
Even if i were to use symlinks, it would still be above the maximum requirment for this site to host (750kb) - Dec 24 2007
I realized that only last night that the mimetypes seem to be messed up, I will fix that tomorrow or the next day when I get time between traveling for christmas and whatnot.

the MP3 mimetype isnt recognized either.

Sorry about that guys, fix is coming. - Dec 24 2007