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denis bergeron
Steel Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 48 comments

A non-bluish icons set !
It's amazing... someone are able to think a icon set without using the blue.
It's fantastics ! Marvellous ! Superbe ! Extraordinaire !

It's the better Icon set I never saw on ! No fucking blue !

Hope, you will give us other icons like this one!

Finally someone with imagination ! - Nov 26 2002
Memphis 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by elhay 23 comments

I think it's very original.
If the other icons look like this one I will buy it.
I think, it's the firsts icons without bluish on it I saw on KDE !!!!

Remembre the "Yellow Submarine" Bluish was the bad one's !

-Denis - Nov 18 2002

Icon Sub-Sets by stunji 41 comments

But why people doesn't use other color than blue!
- Nov 15 2002
Geramik 0.19 for debian sid

GTK1 Themes by mgf 12 comments

I not very surprise. I have two children (4 and 6) and both use Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac !

As an user, a good OS is easy to use.

What really impress me, is someone you was impress with that :-)

Mayby, it's because you don't know how to make a good configuration of your computer :-)

- Nov 15 2002
Lake Superior Fog

Nature by JTinMSP 7 comments

I come here to find kde related goodies to make Kde look Better.
I so tire to find all the same background with the K and all the same blue Ikons.
I'm so happy to see an beautiful picture who look really great in KDE ! - Oct 25 2002
Neon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by SeanParsons 28 comments

I really don't understand why people use an non-X OS for promoting an X OS.

I very happy to see that someone like you understand that you can't promote something you don't use :-)

I'think you make beautyfull work and I hope you will post more ! - Jul 27 2002
Neon Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by SeanParsons 28 comments

Wow, this is great job !
Bravo, Bravo, Bravo !!!

I think, it's the only set of none blue incons on KDE-Look.

I was so tire to see all this blue only icons, I'm so glad to see that some one have an other colors than blue in his photoshop / Gimp colors :-)

Very nice job also, the icons look nice :-) - Jul 26 2002
Future Of KDE (maybe)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by viperrbsd 17 comments

> I make it in Photoshop
Why are you promoting KDE or Linux when you are not able to use it ? - Jul 18 2002